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Android Development

MyPhoneTracks is a new smart way of doing multiple things with just one application installed on your smart phone. Secure your family, locate your misplaced phone, monitor your workforce, have fun with your buddies, track your vehicles, all by logging on the web application or on your phone using MyPhoneTracks. With this app installed your phone becomes a blackbox with out an extra dime.

SOS Alert Transmitter : The app gives a unique option of transmitting a SOS message to all people in your group with your latest position so that can seek help when in need.

Instant Messenger : You can track all your buddies and also send instant messages. You can also check-in your current location and it will be transmitted to all people in friends list.

Maps and More : You can mark your own points of interest and can see them on your map both on web and on mobile.

Family to Watch and Secure members : We work hard for the family. We want to secure them a future, but are they safe on their way to school or on their way work ? MyPhoneTracks is a little step you can take to ensure that they are safe

Business to manage Workforce : Monitoring and managing the workforce is a tandem job. Passing information and keeping those information on records for handy reference is always not easy. MyPhoneTracks allows you to send messages for free and also keeps them on records for future reference.

Group of Friends to have fun : Buddies are always fun to be with. They wanted to keep track of each other and pass messages between them, share their location etc. MyPhoneTracks allows you to check-in and share the location to all your buddies with just a touch. **CHAT COMING SOON**

Vehicle owner to track vehicles : Tracking vehicles in a traditional way involves gadgets like GPS datalogger, blackbox, etc. MyPhoneTracks is a new smart way to track your vehicles by throwing in a smart phone into your vehicle with a car charger and track the complete movement of the vehicle with ease.

User friendly interface : MyPhoneTracks has taken special care to keep the interface simple and user friendly without compromising on the feature that we would like to offer. Built on the cutting edge technologies, the application offers stability, robustness and reliability at all times.

Easy to use Mobile App : Mobile App is just a click away on your play store. All you need to go is install it and following instruction. Once the phone is registered with the web site, you are ready to go. Mobile App offers you the facility to mark POI, send/receive messages,etc.

Free unlimited Messaging : MyPhoneTracks offers unlimited instant messaging to all your buddies. It would be fun to share your location with your friends with just a touch on your mobile app and your buddies will know where you are. ** CHAT COMING SOON**

Mark unlimited POI : The mobile app and web app gives the ability to mark and modify your points of interest. There are many mapping applications around, but MyPhoneTracks give this unique feature of creating your own points of interest which will be available only to you.

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