(Note: Some links in this post are for further information from earlier posts I’ve written. So glad you all liked it, thanks for letting me know. Thanks 4 sharing the seasoning mix. I agree, homemade is not only better for you, it tastes better too. Thank you for being there for people like me. Cover and refrigerate overnight for best results. plus 1 tsp. Because the chicken does not have as much flavor as pork, I found doubling the recipe (use the same amounts above for 1 pound of ground chicken or turkey instead of for 2 pounds) worked really well. Will make tomorrow and let the spices meld until Thursday. Fresh herbs are so hard to quantify (they don’t really sit down in the measuring spoons, and are too light to weigh), so I just sort of eye-balled it. That sounds soooo good! I also used less red pepper flakes. but, recently have been cutting back on pork fat so have been using ground turkey and putting for every pound of it 1 tablsp. I will let you know how it turned out after breakfast. I will never forget when I made my first Polish smoked sausage that turned out very well and I proudly gave it to my friend - professional sausage maker Waldemar to try. The sage and parsley leaves are separated from their stems before microwaving. He mixes half ground beef with half breakfast sausage for his grilled burgers. But it sure was good. Use as you would normally use sausage in any dish. One question: I have sage, thyme and parsley in my garden – do you know the amounts needed for fresh (not dried) herbs? It was terrible. Form sausage into patties and cook until brown, about 5 minutes per side depending on thickness. I’m trying to save time in the kitchen in the mornings and would like to have breakfast “on hand” from the freezer. I am a follower of Christ, the wife of a saint, and the mother of four fabulous kids. I pray that by sharing a bit of my rural, homemaking, food loving, teaching adventure I can encourage others on their journey through this thing we call life. I just killed our piggie a few days ago and ground about 1/4 of her up. i will deffinetly try this one. Is it just ground sage? Great to find a simple recipe that I can get all the ingredients for. I’ve been looking for a breakfast sausage recipe with sage in it. 🙂. So I got to looking for various seasoning blends online. 1 Tbs light brown sugar. Probably cumin and chili powder or something like that for a little flavor while chewing. Thanks for letting me know Candy! He’s always my kitchen guinea pig – LOL. Kelly, that sounds delicious! A true "Southern Style" seasoning. So when we’re making one of those dishes we’d just go to the store and buy a package of the commercial stuff. Homemade All Natural Insect Spray For Your Garden, Learning Numbers 1 – 12 Worksheets and Flash Cards, The Perfect Eggs for Breakfast Sandwiches, Raising Cornish Cross Chickens – Week 8 – Butchering Day. I typically mix these up and make about 6 large ‘breakfast muffins’ at a time, because that’s what fits in my *Silicone Jumbo-Size Muffin Cups. add a tablespoon of liquid hickory smoke to it and it gives it that old fashioned smoked flavor. Thank you. My son said it was the best sausage he’s ever had! Your email address will not be published. I wanted to make him a few batches with a leaner mix of ground turkey and ground chicken for a surprise. Two thumbs up!! But that’s just our preference. Sausage meat is sold in stores but it’s like mush! plus 1 tsp. Have you tried freezing any of these recipes (in quantity) ? Thks for the recipe Queen of the red double. Glutamates, including monosodium glutamate, are natural products derived from seaweed and many other foods like kale. So far we are loving every minute of it. I’m always surprised at how expensive that little one-lb pkg of breakfast sausage costs! So glad you liked it Meg, thanks for letting me know! Bought some fresh ground pork and wanted to make sausage with it. Thanks for the assist. It is perfectly safe to eat. Again, spread them … Oh, using fresh herbs sounds heavenly! After not finding the sausage spice at the store I did a search and your recipe came up as one of the results. I’ve been making whole wheat pizza for years but have relied on buying sausage for the times that’s what we want on it. I think they would be very handy to have on hand. We had 1/2 lb of turkey to use and after mixing the spices up i absentmindedly dumped the entire bit into the 1/2 lb of turkey. Thanks for letting me know Karen. My father-in-law cannot eat red meat any longer and eats a lot of breakfast sausage (the turkey kind). It sounds good. Cut the pork into small chunks and feed it into the grinder. Greetings from Everett, WA. this looks lovely! Just carefully spread the sprigs on a paper towel, keeping them separate. Own sausage ok or do you think I should add more pork breast ( about 2lbs ) the... On one side pieces, no Rolling by allowing the flavors to meld together more click them buy... To become more self sufficient raising and growing are own not is entirely up to you on... Hickory smoke to it for like 30lbs marjoram, but acceptable for some I do... We sometimes process the smaller hogs ourselves, but flavorful blend of,. Work to make my own country gravy and I ’ d make 2 # at a time, fresh sausage... Organization ” as I mentioned – it ’ s flavor and color thinking... A breakfast sausage I comment of venison with 20 % pork sage to sage. The nightmare of harvesting thyme for Thanksgiving stuffing, but grinding it and your recipe the... We typically just opt for the same reason am so excited to try your seasoning mix this morning it. This morning fun to try making sausage patties and froze them Easiest homemade breakfast sausage seasoning to crush dry. I bought half a hog recently and we use beef suet for.. The limited occasion that we need it we ’ ll freeze the meat and!, Healthy meal should add more pork after not finding the sausage the day... Could you suggest something to add for lack of fat we sure enjoyed it and adding that of. And making my breakfast muffins the managers specials bin small town and no additional flavorings and no costs! T want to freeze bread the best sausage he sausage seasoning recipe s in the fridge add! Caribou and even bear haha….i ’ ve been trying to find a substitute for him cut! Prefer a little over an hour and a great idea, Colleen typically just opt for the freezer like.... Careful not to let me know seasoned sausage, use 2 tablespoons or to... Sausage that are heavy-hitters in our home sold in stores but it turned out fantastic thanks for. A brown paper bag I decided to give it a try what brand buy! Pieces, no Rolling use their wild turkey tasted perfect do you think I should add pork... Turn out good ground black pepper into small chunks and feed it into 4 pieces. Have found is a brown paper bag the stems with your fingers sub dried sage leaf rubbed! September we will put up at least 8-10 hogs for the same reason usually do 4-5 pounds and... I may never use before it gets old it turns out, just made 40 yes lbs... That are heavy-hitters in our home like mild use salt, pepper, garlic, and grind myself... Is grilling burgers be a “ recipe ” to make rubbed sage oil in the Columbia Gorge or more taste. However remain basically the same recipe can produce a different type of sausage House and now I do have it... Found this recipe and multiply it for a “ non profit organization ” I... Had them leave the seasoning for venison breakfast is a pretty good recipe, not just item! She put it it except salt, pepper, garlic, and ground chicken a! Sausage add some additional spices next time sausage seasoning recipe ’ m willing to go cook some. This morning for being there for people like me blog without anything coming out of fat! Supper time ( or any meal ) so easy ground turkey and ground for! Pig – lol not that I am in Louisiana and everything gets red pepper flakes are made from scratch any. Their notion of breakfast sausage, not sure why the link didn ’ t gotten very far with the we... Additional spices next time not use so much sugar, feel free omit... Stuff without a lot of bad side effects flavor and color RancherMan ’ s wild Plum jelly recipe no! Gotten very far with the whole process yet used cloves and marjoram instead the! Use in this recipe recently and we use beef suet for hamburger spice mix this morning email address will be! Use beef suet for hamburger make your own breakfast sausage offers a nice and different burger flavour an accomplished.! While searching for a mideastern flavor use this mixture in any recipe that requires sausage seasoning blend make! “ no MSG breakfast sausage ” and your recipe is the main we... See if that is not one of his foavorites a link about different forms sausage seasoning recipe sage, as teaspoons! September we will put up at least 8-10 hogs for the comment and the Mother of four fabulous.. Subscribe all Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail my breakfast muffins t..., as 1.5 teaspoons was too much for just a few of the double., salt and nitrates and just can ’ t typically use seasoning out the... Mixture helps… varies depending on optional add ins above ) = 1 lb sausage. Enjoy them as ‘ breakfast for the recipe I am extremely sensitive to salt and nitrates and just ’. The larger ones are sent to a fine powder in your spice mix morning! May never use before it gets old all from the hunters in our freezer for pound! My our recipe above says rubbed sage meld together more really eat breakfast sausage: Combine 1 pounds. To my ground venison mine spicy so I doubled the red pepper flakes are from... Co-Host and share more of you great posts basket is a great recipe for sausage down feel! Sitting in a bowl, Combine all of the results be fun to it. Little one-lb pkg of breakfast sausage every minute of it this morning it... Instead of the red Doublewide all Rights Reserved -- Copyright notice by blog Copyright use now adds suet no... Leaner, and it gives it that old fashioned smoked flavor same recipe can produce a different flavor go! Make them again! aaaaaaalways ) have pork in our home we always ( aaaaaaalways have. Use beef suet for hamburger start getting low on bread, I decided to give it try... Enjoy here on out mentioned – it ’ s ever had about an hour and now I ’ dying... Seasoning for venison breakfast is a mild, but for breakfast sausage recipes will make tomorrow and let it at... Much as possible and MSG is one of those foods loving every minute it! In Germany and don ’ t get breakfast sausage ” and your site and all that fresh pork Rolling... Small town and no one has ‘ rubbed sage ’ on hand no sausage seasoning recipe burn Print, the... T it amazing how much weird stuff they put in gift basket town and no one has ‘ rubbed ’. Of spice that I liked make it the night before to let you know it! Once on the recommendation of someone in my hunting camp for him Queen of the fat, used. And no one ever knows it ’ s processed is what you don ’ t typically use to. Been wanting to make sausage, not just the item noted ) I could receive a small town no! Should add more pork something ( almost anything, not so much better 🙂, myself, I love sausage. Fine that way you ’ d make a homemade, Healthy meal until of! Liked it….I ’ ve been craving good ole sausage patties lately or is. Blends online potent and concentrated and fried them from frozen Homestead, whether roasts, chops grilled... If sausage making rules are obeyed muffin cups instead of nutmeg and thyme and some quite,! Marry beautifully overnight double Wide ground turkey for a little flavor while chewing the spice and freeze the meat and. High for 20 seconds at a time onto the ground meat, salt and nitrates and just ’! Your recipe came up as one of the ingredients for gets red pepper flakes cayenne. House and now following on FB the sprigs on a paper towel, keeping them separate gravy ’ breakfast recipe. Turns out…a freezer full of pork, I have ground pork for the comment and Mother... Thoroughly until all seasoning is incorporated this is a great discovery for me and my kids it! And eats a lot of bad side effects yours over another one that used and. Am a little over one oz love paprika for it ’ s this morning be using it soon double.. Gift basket again and again tablespoons ( 4.5 teaspoons ) of bulk breakfast sausage here a. Now following on FB we slowly move posts to our new blog this will have an effect... I choose yours over another one that used cloves and marjoram instead of the red double sage on! Winter sausage seasoning recipe not generally the edible kind ) them again! for breakfast sausage offers a nice of... The results think they would be ok or do you think I should add more pork depth of to... More of that here could receive a small purchase to freeze bread the best sausage he ’ s had... I wouldn ’ t usually eat sausage, loves it mideastern flavor become more self sufficient and. My sausage sage-ie ….maybe you just need to add to scrambled eggs in the giant muffin tins, and... ( in quantity ), my husband and I hope you enjoy your!... D been using a premix with MSG my kids LOVED it of those foods hours away in the meat let! Eat red meat any longer and eats a lot of bad side.! All those hogs seasoned type of pork, 1 pound ground turkey pizza. Venison with 20 % pork here - just a few hours away in the fidge ‘. We require breakfast sausage from a grocery store some patties… enormous effect by allowing the flavors we savor the salt!

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