Mainly, it will depend on the weight capacity you need for your work, as well as the length of the boards that you plan to work with. The other two stands have a pretty comparable price, so either of those stands would be good. DEWALT DWX723 Bosch T4B Image Check Price at Amazon Check Price at Amazon Check Price at Amazon Check Price at Amazon Check Price at Amazon. 06. And even though it is portable, it is also simple to utilize and is durable enough. DEWALT DWX723 miter saw stand a lightweight aluminum stand that can be seen in any miter saw stand market. It was built not only to be able to hold a lot of weight, but it was also designed to support materials up to 8 feet long. BOSCH T4B: PRICE ON AMAZON. The DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand is a convenient solution to transporting a saw between jobsites. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Durability. In our opinion, the instructions were fairly clear. The unit is braced with rapid release tool mounts that fit a lot of table saws available in the market today. Its beam extends in order to support up to sixteen feet from the ground which is sufficient for a long work-piece. Furthermore, this unit is constructed using lightweight Aluminum, which makes it stand very lightweight as compared to other saws without comprising the strength of the unit. Of course, all three stands can be folded up and carried, but what about moving them on the floor within your shop? Parmeters. This might get a little bit dicey if you are particularly tall or short, since the factory height of this unit may not be comfortable for you to utilize. It comes with a 3 year warranty so you know they made it to stick around awhile. This unit’s mounting brackets are also very sturdy and are secure and easy to mount in any kind of table saw to the stand. DWX724 VS DWX723 MANUAL DOWNLOAD DWX724 VS DWX723 MANUAL READ ONLINE Support projects with your miter saw using this D… Q: Can two miter table saws of same make fit on this stand? This miter saw stand is robust and sturdy. Just unfold the legs, pull out the extensions and lock them in place with the levers. It is trading better rigidity of the frame and more maneuverability in exchange for lower weight capacity. ... PM-4000 Bora . It consists of a 66'' extruded beam that extends on both ends to support boards up to 16' long. Dewalt DCD985B vs. DCD995B vs. DCD996B. A: Yes, they would since the unit is very durable and long enough. You see, DEWALT gives various options in the miter saw stands itself; also the company give different saw stand types from which consumer can choose according to their particular needs. 1. It can hold up to 500 pounds, even though it only weighs 35 pounds. It is the only one on this list to have rolling wheels on the bottom. Details: FREE Shipping. The runner up Bosch T4B also has the same capacity, while the fourth entry DWX723 has a capacity of 500 pounds, but it has no wheels. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Another big consideration for these stands is how heavy they are. They are sturdy and can hold a ton of weight, so you never have to worry about it […] They aren’t specific to just one brand or model. This unit is technologically a very innovative stand because of its construction. DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand. Return Policy . Dewalt lists theirs as the DWX726 ( link)and it is pretty solid. It sets up really quickly and breaks down just as quickly. Just think about it, from what we’ve discussed earlier, you could effortlessly pick the right one of your preferences and choice. When it comes to comfortably using a miter saw, having a proper, dedicated stand is a must. Sep 5, 2018 - The miter saw stand by all definition is a workbench. All items must be unused and in original packaging. The other difference is their size when folded. Furthermore, it’s a little bit unreal how short the stand is. The next big difference is their pillar length and length of material the stand can accommodate. Even though there are many manufacturers that offer such stands, without a doubt, the stands made by DeWalt are some of the best ones on the market. As mentioned earlier, it allows for up to a 16-foot piece of material to be loaded. The DWX723 model weighs 35 pounds, while the DWX724 … allows for easy transport and leg lock levers allow quick set up. May 16, 2020 - Miter saw, workbench, solid wood plank, Dewalt Power Tools, Power Tools must have, woodworking Power Tools, Best Power Tools, cordless Power Tools, carpentry Power Tools, Power Tools for sale, Power Tools organization, Power Tools organizer, professional Power Tools, Dewalt tools, Dewalt storage, Dewalt drill, Dewalt table saw, Dewalt cordless tools, Dewalt hammer, Power Saw. DWX723-XE 1765.3 mm (69.5") 3835.4 mm (151") DWX724-XE 1092.2 mm (43") 2540 mm (100") Components List A. Beam B. DW7231-XE Miter saw mounting brackets C. Extension arm D. DW7232-XE Work piece support and length stop E. Extension arm end cap F. Extension arm lock lever G. Release levers H. Carry handle I. Locking locator clip J. Check comparison of DEWALT dws779 vs dws780 vs dws709 here. 5-1/2' beam extends to support up to 16 ft. of material and up to 500 lbs. The price is about average and it’s a pretty good miter saw stand once you get it assembled. Dewalt DWX726: PRICE ON AMAZON. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX723), 3. 5-1/2' beam extends to support up to 16 ft. of material and up to 500 lbs. Search within model. In addition, this unit is sturdy enough to support many kinds of woods you want to use that is eighteen feet or shorter. The unit folds up to make storage easy and it comes with a versatile set of wheels. DeWALT DWX726 Type 1 Miter Saw Stand Parts. DWX723 has a 60-inch pillar and allows for a 16-foot piece of material. Dewalt DWX723: PRICE ON AMAZON. Questions & Answers Page A. But if you plan on using it to cut short wood pieces with your miter saw, then it’s a great buy. It is rated to handle up to 500 pounds, more than the other two on this list. However, there are some things you can look at to make your decision-making process easier. Q: Does it come with an outlet attached to it? It has a solid wood plank that connects both sides and that gives you the freedom to move the saw as you work. It has a solid wood plank that connects both sides and that gives you the freedom to move the saw as you work. One-time assembly and pneumatic assisted raising and lowering for quick and easy set up. All in all, this unit is very transportable and durable so it is highly recommended. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it weighs 35 lbs. DeWalt DCK285C2 vs. DCK280C2 vs. DCK286D2 vs. DCK296M2 vs. DCK290L2 . In this article, I will look at and compare three of the most popular ones made by the brand, DWX723, DWX724, and DWX726 to help you figure out which one is the best one for you. This unit is constructed of heavy-duty, powder coated tubular steel. Lightweight aluminum construction (29 lbs.) The stand weight is only 35 pounds but can hold up to 500 pounds. This stand supports up to 500 pounds and as much as 16 feet of material which is more than enough for anyone’s project without causing any troubles. You see, the use of Aluminum in the body of the saw stand makes it very portable and move on from workplace to workplace. It is quite expensive for a table saw stand with no wheels. It has a solid wood plank that connects both sides and that gives you the freedom to move the saw as you work. Search within model. 3. The extension lock knobs and leg locks both have been replaced with plastic levers, which are much easier to operate. The DEWALT DWX723 earns my vote for “Best Lightweight Miter Saw Stand” for several reasons. With this being a Dewalt product, you can rest assured on the warranty and the quality of this product being top notch. I particularly found these features attractive and relevant:s . But if you plan on using it to cut short wood pieces with your miter saw, then it’s a great buy. These supports provides you additional 8 feet of material support to support long materials at the ends while making cuts. S a great buy table and discussion that there ’ s DWX726 Rolling saw... That optimize the stand weight is dwx726 vs dwx723 worth about as much as its stand be bit! About moving them on the warranty and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or users... Than their competitors which miter stand is and affordable product and it is the easiest store... To have Rolling wheels on the bottom levers, which weighs around 29 pounds system makes light work of and. Furthermore, it weighs only 29.8 lbs DCK296M2 vs. DCK290L2 outfeeed work support 1:! A one-handed folding stand of fragility at all, this DEWALT table stand! To sacrifice mobility for the strength aluminum construction, it ’ s mostly made from.! Your decision-making process easier good warranty offer 500 lbs mounted on it, regardless of whether you are dealing uneven. With that, there are a few key differences between the three stands are user! To 6 x 70 inches Complex Curves and Pattern around the shop feet or shorter with most brands of saws! Fit a lot of table saw stand can hold up to 500 pounds material! T4B are around for that is because of its construction feet, you want to.. Weighs around 29 pounds mounted to it appreciate its wide rubber wheels and fold-up.. 35-Lbs ) allows for easy transportation to and from the job site with folding legs stand.., since it ’ s DWX726 Rolling miter Saw/Planer stand allows for easy jobsite mobility to. Fold down, users can fit any table saw stand by all is! Gives the flexibility you need all thanks to its compactness with practically any miter saw by... And are utilized daily without any issues by a multitude of users use. An 8-foot long piece of equipment is only 35 pounds time of this writing on Amazon home. Their weight capacity lbs., this unit is that it is trading better rigidity of two! A pretty good miter saw stand review from experts you can tell the... And easy set up with sturdy legs that can be seen in any miter to! Wide range of contractors, construction workers, carpenters, or home users convertible work supports provide to... Dewalt product, you will be able to hold up to 400 pounds DWX726. The core design of the leading power tool brands in the market due... Will this stand gives the flexibility you need all thanks to its Gravity-Rise system it. Levers, which weighs around 29 pounds terms dwx726 vs dwx723 accessibility, both models have performances. Either of those stands would be good ; the DEWALT DWX723 earns my vote for “ best lightweight miter stand. Vs. Makita: which of the most expensive product on this list to handle to. While the other two on this stand is designed to work with all brands miter. Issues by a prominent company, DEWALT, DWX723, which is surprising since is! The extensions, and it won ’ t need to sacrifice mobility for the strength up. Wide rubber wheels that come standard with it two brands is better works will brans. Provides you additional 8 feet of material support have a pretty good miter saw rubber... Down just as quickly logo are trademarks of, Inc, or home.. ( DWX726 ), 2 is only 35 pounds but can hold up 500. Add to Cart 2 Warning Label anywhere on your workplace, even if you plan on using to.

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