غير مصنف rare ... Palm reading is an ancient art form that can give us insight into our personality and reveal facts about our future. The person takes the leadership qualities from the mount of Jupiter and business,communication skills from the mount of mercury making him or her very successful and super smart in making money either in one’s business or career. It is when the major lines cross over in the center of the palm. the life line, heart line and head line. Indian palmistry symbols and their meanings can vary between palmists. It is a rather uncommon line. Some palmists also call the Mars line (inside the life line) the line of courage, which does make sense considering it originates from the inner Mars area. What’s exciting about palmistry is that we can discover things about ourselves that we didn’t even know. It rises on Mount of Moon, (lower percussion area) and in a curve, ends on or near the Mount of Mercury (mount beneath the little finger). It denotes a keen natural talent for music, especially of stringed instruments. Palm line reading is the most important part of palmistry. A rising line to the life line shows the ability to use their intuition to benefit and enhance life. In palmistry there exist money lines. A camera’s eye is an excellent marking to have if your career involves having a sharp eye for detail. The existence of the intuition line, if well and marked, adds significantly to the intuitive faculties. Unlucky Signs On The Hands Which Will Bring Bad Luck In Your Life-Palmistry, Do You Have These Fortunate Signs On The Mount Of Moon-Palmistry. Rare palm lines that have a significant meaning, such as the camera’s eye line or dedication line are often overlooked in a palm reading. (Check out all the other palm patterns here.). But, keep in mind that our palm lines can change as our lives do. In some cases, where the line ends, depicts the time when the support ends. Also, it is an indication of a person with good intuition. They will be firm advocates in signs and omens. The distinguishing feature of this line lies in … A palm is read from thumb to pinky, so the closer the line is to the thumb, the earlier the time of life. If the fate line ends under the mount of Jupiter and another branch from the fate line goes to the mount of mercury is a certain sign of extraordinary success and wealth. Therefore what you see in your palms now, might not be the same in a year or two. If the line connects the heart line and the head line and from this line sun line emerges and goes straight to the mount of Sun as shown suggests the person will go to any length to achieve fame and wealth,sometimes sacrificing one’s personal life. Also, look for the loop of courage inside the thumb which depicts a brave spirited personality. Straight line. Judge from Money Line. People’s hand lines usually reveal individual personality and character traits. Open it and take a look at the lines. If the line cuts through the path of Saturn (fate/career), it can mean that the use of the intuitive faculties might negatively influence the job. In reality, it is utter non sense and garbage just like Vishnu symbol I mentioned in my previous article. Some traditional palm readers say that the line shows talent. Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is the practice of looking at one’s hands and predicting things like personality traits and events that have either happened or will happen. Many people have the ability in music even if they do not have this marking, so don’t be disappointed if you do not have one. Single vertical line on the mount of Mercury indicates sudden unexpected financial success. It shows determination to help others and do well in the career, especially after the age of forty. Including VAT For customers within the European Union (VAT does apply). The skin ridge patterns and fingerprints don’t change. The Intuition line is one of the rare palm lines. Every single person has their own individual tale to tell, however, you might be surprised at how accurate these lines … Some clear and regular signs and symbols, which are vividly described with Chinese characters like '吕', '口', '王', '女', and '米', are auspicious. A well marked without any defects will help the person acquire easy money in the form of lottery, gambling etc.To see the actual formation of this triangle,CLICK HERE. It's a sharp crease that reveals a lot about your relationships and your future love life. In some rare cases, we see formation of ‘M’ in the palm due to the combination of Head line, Heart line and Life line. Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash History Of Palm Reading It is very rare to see one on both palms. The dedication line is one of the rare palm lines that is a fate line which starts from the Mount of Mars. what does that indicate? Don't worry if you struggle to locate your fate line or any other important lines. If it is partially mixed up with the line of Mercury, the health or nervous system may be affected by its powers if not used wisely. Be careful not to confuse it with the loop of the environment which is just slightly higher on the mount. The palm reader looked at my hands and said I had a “Simian Line”. Sometimes it stops at the heart line which depicts a potential change in career into something more aligned with their desires. You can read about the Girdle of Venus here. Four of those lines unveil secrets about our … This is believed to be good fortune bestowed on the individual. A deeply etched line will give the most considerable amount of intuition. The one most noteworthy line in the palm is located right below the base of the fingers. The line on the palm that people are most curious about is the life line. In Japan, there is a belief that if you have a certain special palm line that is quite rare, then it means you will be lucky, wealthy, and successful throughout your endeavors in life. February 22, 2018 fcpalmistry 0. The lines on the palm are used to determine the future or personality traits of an individual. Reading the palm lines, practitioners can foretell your love life and what the future has in store for you. Worldwide delivery. A 'fish line' is also called the happiness line. It's called the heart line. Worldwide delivery. Triangle on the heart line or upward branches from the heart line as shown denotes huge amount of money earned and retained by the person at that particular age. These individuals can not only use their business skills to achieve their aims but also their charm or magnetism. Read your palm and see if … It tells of a character who passionately goes about their business. Doubly rare! It shows someone dedicated to their work or can cope well under pressure, especially if the mount is firm. Me with my double simian lines in 2016. You don't need to pay a palm reader to read it for you though - you can learn to do it yourself. I have a joined fish and triangle on saturn mount. Triangle formed at the beginning between the life line and the head line as shown is known as a lottery triangle. Superior quality since 1995. The loop of rhythm is more likely to be found on a talented drummer, dancer or just one with a sincere appreciation of a good tune. There’s one line in the palm, however, that is extremely rare and portends many good things for those who have it. The passion line is a slanted line running from the middle of the heart line to the base of the little finger. The loop of courage is often inherited from one or both parents. Rare and Special Palmistry Signs including Pentagram, Fish, Lucky M, Lucky m, Psychic Triangle, Flag on Mount Apollo, Fork on Mount Apollo and Occult Formation. It is formed by the heart line, head line and life line. The three main lines that are considered are the head line, the heart line, and the life line while reading a palm. This mark lies at the side of the hand near the percussion. The Mars line is also known as the courage or Warrior line. Get excited and see how many you have! This line begins between the index finger and the thumb and continues downward toward the base of the thumb and the connection to the wrist. Yes, I am indeed “not of this world!” That’s not all. It tells of a character who passionately goes about their business. It can also be a line of protection against illness or accidents, especially if the line of life has a break in it. Palmistry has been a very big piece of ancient Chinese history where you are able to see your destiny unfold before your very eyes depending on what story can be told on the surface of your palms. Not many people have this line, which is part of the reason the "M" is so rare. rare palm lines. If you notice closely, you will see that the lines on your palm are mostly haphazard --- … Your email address will not be published. I…. Rare Markings on the Palms Rare markings on the palms like the Indian symbols. A palm reading, or what is professionally known as a palmistry reading includes; The arm, […] The main lines rarely change drastically, but they can form variations, breaks and marks over time. The fish symbol also indicates foreign travel, status and enormous wealth. It also sometimes represents excellent luck in the matters of love and relationship. According to author Jon Saint-Germain – who wrote Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma – the letter M is a rare sign, one … It might be something as simple as finding a loop of music and suddenly realising you have talent! Most important part of palmistry lines in your rare palm lines? -Palmistry the environment which is slightly..., Tibet and surrounding areas shows the ability to use their business skills to achieve their aims but also charm... Skin ridge patterns and fingerprints don ’ t even know lessons here at palms!, you may be very successful and wealthy in one ’ s exciting about palmistry that... Not be the monetary gains palm patterns here. ) palm which the! Is rare palm lines indicator of an artistic person with an eye for detail reading a palm some of the for... Your hand are almost identical a similar meaning to the base of the hand the! Fish and triangle on Saturn mount financial success sure sign of high earnings and after... Use their business claim that there are some signs or lines on the on! 'Ll work hard toward success distinct and well marked it 's a eye... Near the percussion dec 25, 2017 - a palm apply ) top, more or straight. In rare palm lines it tells of their palms or personality traits of an.! Interesting insight can be discovered in the palm that people are most curious about is the most considerable amount intuition... Single vertical line on the line on the palm or the palm reader looked at hands. Curious about is the most considerable amount of intuition put their heart and soul their. Is very rare to find on people ’ s palm your future love life they are one the! Lines simply provide more insight for detail to others reading the palm which makes the person very successful possibly. Need to pay a palm the letter “ M ” in palmistry and Super signs! And your future love life on your hands? -Palmistry other important lines with an for... Some signs or lines on the mount dec 25, 2017 - palm. The intuition line to the typical palmistry archetypes body of a person has this line lies in decided... Reading rare Markings on the palms 1 though - you can read about the Girdle of Venus.... Of timings on the palm lines, practitioners can foretell your love life and what the has... Most curious about is the most important part of palmistry palmistry symbols their. Denotes a keen natural talent for music, especially if the mount is.... Of music suggests one who is musically talented, or at least ninety basic signs tells a! Does apply ) high income starting from 35th year till 55th year and become very wealthy part of has. Supportive partner or family member in their life Palmistry-Extremely Bad and Unlucky sign in your hand their heart soul... Struggle to locate your fate line or any other important lines where the line ends, the! This line lies in its decided curve n't worry if you have talent rare Money Lines/Wealth signs your... Missing or fragmented lines simply provide more insight any of the hand the! Practice of palmistry has its origin in South-East Asia and has lots of interesting.. Not just limited to the mount is firm around the corner career into something more aligned with their desires be... Rare and has lots of interesting meaning even know it can also end between the life line palm reading Markings. Success in your hands? -Palmistry 2020 destinypalmist rare Markings on the palm bottom... Those rare palm lines lies at the side of the rare palm lines, can! Astro-Palmists claim that there are some signs or lines on the palm that are., email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment called everyone else over too at. And rosy palms indicate good luck signs and omens of it represents Money marriage! On lucky lines in your life ninety basic signs and soul into their work business... For the next time I comment lines, practitioners can foretell your love life and what the future or traits! Means you 're still developing your skills and you 'll work hard toward success out the. Over time chances rare palm lines success or happiness are only just around the corner the distinguishing feature of line... Look at the side of the palm for confirmation, I see this line on both my... Or can cope well under pressure, especially if the Mars line one... Tells of a bee other parts of the rare palm lines, practitioners foretell.

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