Enter the email address you used when you joined. So save the dates and be ready to SHOP!!! Fall Arts & Craft Festival Rolater Park, Cave Spring S a t u rd a y, O ct o b e r 1 9 , 2 0 1 9 1 0 : 0 0 -5 : 0 0 V e n d or B ooth I n for mati on : T ha nk you for your i nt e re s t i n pa rt i c i pa t i ng i n our 2019 H a l l ow e e n A rt s & C ra ft s F e s t i va l . Facebook Twitter SCHEDULE: Friday Saturday Sunday DATE June 7 June 8 June 9 SET UP 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. 6 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. SHOW HOURS 9 a.m. - 6p.m. Due to the Covid 19 Virus Looking foward to seeing 2021. . Stay for the weekend in one of our beautiful lodgings and take in the other attractions in and around Dahlonega. Cave Spring Arts Festival June 9 & 10, 2018 PRÏNC Sponsored by the Cave Spring Historical Society since 1975 Arts & Crafts Vendor Registration Form Registration Deadline April 30, 2018 - $40 Late Fee Name: Address. C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ Music every day in Music Hall - Georgia State Fiddlers Convention - over 70 crafters - Pioneer Village with demonstrations, moonshine still, blacksmith, soap making & hominy making. This Georgia Ethnic Festival will have fine art, fine craft, crafts, commercial/retail, corp./information and antique/collectibles exhibitors, and local food booths. To ensure Muskoka Arts & Crafts continues to provide a safe experience for all our artists, visitors, volunteers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chapel Gallery remains closed to visitors until further notice. /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Forgot account? Cave Spring will welcome vendors from all over the South this weekend during the 13th annual Small Town Christmas in the Country in Rolater Park. Staff are available by telephone and email during regular business hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am–1 pm and 2 pm–5 pm). Music every day in Music Hall. This Ontario Home and Garden Show will have fine art, fine craft, crafts, commercial/retail and homegrown products exhibitors, and no food booths. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?��G7�7���&�o�"�z���PP;u2W���鿋��1�+� �?��C��>j� |G�_k�6Wz���o:m9��o5"�v�Ec�Ƞ�G ��B��R��Nɴ�|?�ԡZ��(BR��E�v?P?��?�U�+�m�&����*ԡ�mʹw�����$B�̈́a�f!C;���X��߯�?����k>)� ���� Hlk�����(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(��(����?������ BZ������s� !�� �ݿ�%�. or. There will be 1 stage with Regional and Local talent and the hours will be Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm. Children under 12 free.Proceeds from the Festival go to up keep and restoration of Cave Spring buildings by the Cave Spring Historical Society. 9 days of family fun and entertainment. Save Georgia Mushroom Festival - May 1 & 2, 2021 to your collection. Cave Spring, GA 30124. �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br� The Chiaha Harvest Fair celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, reveling in a rich tradition of bringing together many talented artisans and craftsmen from the Rome/Floyd County region, and beyond, for a wonderful Fall weekend festival with the goal of raising money to support local art efforts throughout the year. Cave Spring Riding History And Ghost Tours Buy Cave Spring History Book FallFest & Quilt Show Cave Spring Pigout Cave Spring Ghost Tours Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally & Music Fest Cave Spring Art Festival Cave Spring Fireworks Rolater Park 411 Yard Sale Cave Spring Fall Car Show Cave Spring Fall Festival Sign Up. FNdocumentWrite("" + linktext + "") Hope you Do Not MISS THIS YEARS EVENT! Cave Spring FallFest & Quilt Show. /Length 798175 Log In. Your User ID or Password reset link will be sent to you. Event Info; April 12-13, 2019 at the ... beading, stitching, crocheting, scrapbooking, embellishing, crafting and other creative art forms. Art event in Cave Spring, GA by Historic Cave Spring Georgia and 3 others on Saturday, June 12 2021 with 733 people interested. The Peddler. Juried art Show in picturesque park featuring 80-85 exhibitors, live entertainment, food vendors. Rolater Park, This Georgia Art Show will have fine art and fine craft exhibitors, and tba food booths. It will host talented artists exhibiting and selling their... View more detail » Types of Vendor: Art… C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ The festival… C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ Rolater Park. Gift Shop. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� September 5th & 6th 2020. Cave Spring Ga Cave Spring Car Show Cave Spring Baconfest Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally & Music Fest Cave Spring Pigout Cave Spring Ghost Tours Cave Spring Art Festival Cave Spring Fireworks Small Town Christmas in the Country Cave Spring Riding History And Ghost Tours Rolater Park 411 … With wonderful arts and crafts there's something for all ages to enjoy. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Cave Spring Art Festival Cave Spring Fireworks Rolater Park 411 Yard Sale Cave Spring Fall Car Show Cave Spring Fall Festival Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally Fireworks June 29 ,2019 At 9 PM Parade July 4 At 9 AM . stream var hostname = "FestivalNet.com"; ���� JFIF �� C Ci XL XXL State: Business Name: Email: Zi With Electricity $130 Non Juried WIE $120 Qty: T-Shirt S Size Cell M L Home Create New Account. C� �Q� )�@� �S��� ��� �+�/�t������ �ן��G�:o���~ Award winners 2019. Saturday And Sunday 9AM Till 5Pm. /BitsPerComponent 8 ... Cave Spring Arts Festival. Get a head start on your gift list and enjoy the Christmas shopping experience of the season. The Annual Cave Spring Art Festival will return to Rolater Park in Cave Spring on Saturday for its 42nd year, and is bringing a few new additions to this year’s festivities. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Celebrating our 20th year. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� 10:00-5:00. � ����E��8���؜?� A� �>� ������J� ‡P� ��J~�?�T�%�C������7�w��?�u�� "�� ���� C���:�� �h��/�}�'� �����?h�*���?���ҟ��?�_�P��r��� �M�]� ���_�y� ȴæ�.� ������ �Z>��� �A���� ��#���iO����į�(u�9G�4��� EO�W�:�� ������c�W�^�-�鿋��1�+� �?����� ��bp� ���w�S��� ���+� Vendors restricted from selling seafood. We're getting ready for the 2021 festival and we're planning on making it bigger and better than ever. We are excited about this opportunity for our community! //-->, Copyright © FestivalNet 2020. Great event for entire family. A toe-tappin’, cider-sippin’, fun-for-everyone arts festival. See more of Cave Spring Arts Festival on Facebook. Purchase tickets online here! Cave Spring Fall Festival. Cave Spring, GA,