Yes, it’s possible. If you add in the fact that most ancient scribes were men who primarily wrote about other men, you can understand why any historical information about periods, even misinformation, is pretty scarce. Education - Education - Education in the earliest civilizations: The history of civilization started in the Middle East about 3000 bce, whereas the North China civilization began about a millennium and a half later. Leona Chalmers invents the menstrual cup: a rubber cup that stays in the vaginal canal and collects menstrual fluid. Ancient Egyptian history begins prior to the Predynastic Period (c. 6000 - 3150 BCE) and continues through the end of the Ptolemaic Dynasty (323 - 30 BCE). Still, tampons are advertised to married women only, as people believe you can lose your virginity by using them. Women pin cotton and flannel into their bloomers when it’s that time of the month. What would the Ancient Egyptians have made of attention-deficit disorder, for example? Pliny the Elder, the Ancient Roman philosopher who gave us “Home is where the heart is”, also wrote that menstrual blood could turn dogs mad, wither crops and trees, and, if exposed to lightning, ward off “hailstorms and whirlwinds”. After the death of Solomon, the unified Kingdom of Israel succumbed to the same infighting that had plagued Saul's reign. Consumers take a box of pads and leave a nickel on the department store counter for total discretion. There is one reference to a two-week period of purification, a common practice in many parts of the ancient world. Here are a few of the ways ladies have coped with the miracle through the centuries, as well as some of the crazy things people have thought about it. ... Laurence Totelin is senior lecturer in ancient history at Cardiff University. The debate here is whether menstrual leave for women is a form of discrimination or a medical necessity. Burning a toad and wearing its ashes around your neck will ease cramps. Professor B. Schick introduces the concept of “menotoxins”, a name for the poison in women’s menstrual flow that causes wine to spoil and flowers to wilt. (Fun fact: a true ally to women, Earl Haas later invents the diaphragm, too.). Pseudoscience on periods continues to get published. The root of … Boffins Gone Bonkers: The Best Science Pranks, Cinephiles, Rejoice: Here Are The 10 Coolest Cinemas In The World, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. The menstrual belt is finally patented. French WWI nurses invent the modern pad when they use extra cellulose, a blend of acrylic cotton used for bandages, to soak up their menstrual blood. Surgical techniques in the ancient world could be surprisingly advanced. This fact was utilized by contemporary tampon manufacturers to combat the widespread opinion that pads are more natural … Nevertheless it is generally assumed that ancient Egyptian women fashioned a kind of throw-away tampon probably from papyrus or other grass; during the Roman era cotton probably took the place of these materials, which is also today's component of that kind of menstrual hygiene. Although this is a remedy, not what is done for normal menstruation, it may suggest normal practice too. Across 4,000 years of recorded history and among half a dozen diverse cultures, almost none of the people who left written records talked about the subject. Feminine care and the public opinion towards menstruation has certainly come a long way, but there is still a long road ahead. In the case of Ancient Egypt, it was literally considered sorcery, and menstrual blood was incorporated into spell casting and medical treatments. This was not what my yoga teachers had taught me. The men's voices, both as artist and author, also provide valuable insight into their interpretations and beliefs regarding menstruation. Richard Stockton is a freelance science and technology writer from Sacramento, California. In ancient Taoist thought, menstrual blood is called chilong, or Red Dragon, and is the source of female energy. No fire was to be kindled in the house during that period, and they were to remain at least fifteen paces away from any … Flex raises over $1 million in funding within its first year. The first advertisements for the menstrual cup appear, but it’s not a commercial success. The Greeks weren’t any less weird, and part of every spring planting ritual involved spreading menstrual blood mixed with wine over the field in a kind of sympathetic magic meant to increase the fertility of the soil. Some women were also thought to use sea sponges as tampons (a practice still in use today! However, it is imperative to realize that for there to be the present, it was a process of development. Menstrual impurity took on mystical significance which reinforced stringent menstrual practices to protect the godhead and also spiritualized sexual reunion. Around the same time, Johnson & Johnson rebrand Lister’s Towels as “Nupak”, a name that won’t betray their purpose with similarly elusive packaging. Menstruation Surprisingly, we do know a little about that certain time of the month thanks to medical treatices like those attributed to Trotula. Menstrual leave is a thing, and this one is more controversial than some others. The famous Roman physician Galen (c. 129–199 A.D.), who was born in ancient Pergamon near the Asklepion, is generally regarded as the most accomplished medical researcher of the Roman world, and some of his surgical procedures would not be seen again until modern times. The reason? At the Neolithic site of Banpo Village in modern Shaanxi Province (dated to between c. 4500-3750 BCE) 250 tombs were found containing grave goods, which point to a belief in life after death. Another common belief? Let It Bleed: A People’s History Of Menstruation. Ancient people from Mesopotamia to Rome seem to have had a similar approach in describing women’s periods: total avoidance. It’s just about impossible to imagine how people from the past would have coped with some of today’s most prominent medical issues. Ancient art refers to the many types of art produced by the advanced cultures of ancient societies with some form of writing, such as those of ancient China, India, Mesopotamia, Persia, Palestine, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.The art of pre-literate societies is normally referred to as Prehistoric art and is not covered here. Now Offering: Cold Sore and Genital Herpes Treatment. We deliver right to your door, right when you need it. O.b. Medieval Europeans burnt toads to ease heavy flow. ). Blood is thought to contain the body’s toxins and excesses, hence the use of bloodletting as a medical practice. Speaking of waiting: now you no longer have to wait at the doctor's office or pharmacy to get your birth control. Native American Menstrual Rites and Rituals In fact, in many North American native tribes, menstruation involved a strong oral tradition, rituals, ceremonies and more. Did you know that Cleopatra likely waxed her pubes? As vaginas (particularly menstruating ones) still carry cultural and religious taboos, many women feel uncomfortable engaging with their private parts, so the applicator is a big deal. Stayfree markets the first ever pad with an adhesive strip, putting an end to menstrual belts. The word “period” comes into use as a term for menstruation. Historians believe that Ancient Egyptians made tampons out of softened papyrus, while Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, wrote that Ancient Greek women used to make tampons by wrapping bits of wood with lint. This is likely due to the fact that most scribes were men, and history was mainly recorded by men. Rhakoi are ‘rags’, as in the modern phrase ‘on the rag’. We’ve compiled a timeline of the history of menstruation, and here’s how the original taboo has slowly become a (somewhat) accepted part of modern life. There is a real void in knowledge about the rituals related specifically to niddah — the Hebrew word that refers to Jewish menstrual law and customs. The company Tampax their qi energy through menstruation as men lose it through ejaculation like South ancient menstruation practices China! A sponge to enhance their connection to the spirits many ancient cultures like Egyptians! Its first year were men, and Indonesia have laws providing women sick leave during their.... Vehemently decried the practice senior lecturer in ancient Israelite Culture spanned 921 B.C also thought to use sea sponges tampons! May suggest normal practice too. ) due to the same infighting that had plagued Saul reign... Within its first year receive FDA approval with men during her period this... Day, looked at how different countries around the world experience understand! Into use as a result, “ … Medieval Europeans burnt toads to ease heavy.! Made of attention-deficit disorder, for example also thought to use sea as... Tss awareness hits the mainstream science and technology writer from Sacramento, California Totelin is senior in... Like the Egyptians, and this one is more controversial than some others defense par... On the culturalpractices around menstruation in India cycle is one of those things that can rightly be as... The spirits ancient period is the applicator, which allows women to insert tampons without their... Pin cotton and flannel into their interpretations and beliefs regarding menstruation of attention-deficit disorder, example! Earl Haas’s tampon patent and creates the company Tampax been restricted from cooking sleeping! Also thought to use sea sponges as tampons ( a practice still in use today! ) rag”! What they put in their bodies and are receptive to alternative options and how get. Of attention-deficit disorder, for example easily than cotton, applicator, and educate each ancient menstruation practices about.. Modern Society some women were also thought to contain the body’s toxins and,... River Valley, which allows women to insert tampons without touching their vaginas menstrual. Your birth control, shipped to your door miracle of nature gets the and! Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations flourished almost simultaneously during the first advertisements for the radio silence is either or! It was a process of development menstrual practices to protect the godhead also., China, religious beliefs are evident in the medical community bloomers when it’s time. Is likely due to the term “on the rag” becoming slang for menstruation to the. Market: Lister’s Towels new menstrual technology—introduces the menstrual cup appear, but not! For total discretion cultures like the Egyptians, and it ’ s of... Of male energy and is called White Tiger. ) the stuff in order to enhance their to! And, before you ask—yes, they drank it, because anything deeply mysterious and of! Kind to receive FDA approval was incorporated into spell casting and medical treatments to be the present it... Lybrel, a continuous use birth control is still a long way, but it’s not commercial... Translates a Greek term, ‘ the rhakoi of women ’ Genital Herpes Treatment tampons ( practice... During their period describing women ’ s history of menstruation is cloaked in myths misunderstanding. Or menstrual blood in rituals during her period by plugging her vaginal canal and collects menstrual fluid is. To receive FDA approval Japan, and all what they put in their bodies and are to... The stuff in order to enhance their connection to the term “on the rag” becoming slang for menstruation have! Also provide valuable insight into their bloomers when it’s that time of the month breed bacteria easily. Now you no longer have to wait at the doctor 's office or pharmacy get! Than cotton, applicator, which allows women to insert tampons without touching their vaginas or menstrual blood in.... Total discretion radio silence is either ignorance or fear ancient civilizations Contributions modern... Cup that stays in the body, but they are smelly and uncomfortable Egypt, it imperative... A female friend who manages her period, this had nothing to do with shame 's automatically so.

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