All I can say with 100% certainty is that I got it after 6 twilight missions and all my buddies who platinumed it have gotten it after six. If … He is hidden in a different location this time. You’ll have to play a fair amount of twilight missions for this. I’ve completed the mission the immortal flame I unlocked the dojo missions for every single mystic arts except axe, my axe prof is 600k the mission simply isn’t listed there, the rest said 400000/500000 etc. I’ll do more testing asap. Finally no online required trophies?? Twilight missions are the same missions you completed earlier but much harder. To unlock it you need 20 attribute points invested in Magic and beat main mission “A Defiled Holy Mountain”. living weapon spam by consuming soulstones. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Automatic story unlock for main mission “The Man with the Guardian Spirit”. Boy oh boy are we in for a treat! Then put your points into those two attributes, do the missions, buy mystic arts and reset attributes again. If you have the digital copy you can’t uninstall the patch, it auto downloads with the game. All I’m missing for plat now is farming money. Hey. It doesn’t matter what gesture you do exactly, it just has to be the correct color. NG+ twillight missions doesnt count I tryed it since I’m at 97% and I’m missing normal twillight missions for the achievement. Here is a complete listing of every trophy that can be obtained in Nioh. As far as combat goes, i am not that impressed either. You need 500,000 proficiency with each weapon type to unlock the mystic art for it. In the basement you’ll find him. There are 6 Fragment locations. Samurai of Legend Completed all missions on any difficulty level. – The same mobs over all 6 regions. I can safely say that a sequel to this game would be very good and I hope it doesn’t take too long. This might be the years of dark souls experience but i think most bosses are rather easy, since i was able to do many of them in first try. Forging equipment and selling it will also give you some cash back, but the forging price is higher than the selling price (and the item quality is randomized). Last night when I was playing coop. A large portion of trophies unlocks without trying and many things go hand in hand with side missions and completion based tasks (e.g. You have two tries before the wall gets aggressive. There are 27 Nioh 2 Hot Spring Locations. You can quit the mission immediately after finding the last Kodama. This can take an hour or so. You meet the dung lover in main mission “The Defiled Castle” (Tokai Region). Your email address will not be published. The Onryoki stage had at least 10 enemies less: some of the removed were strong ones; others were removed from groups; there is even 1-2 enemies that were replaced by weaker ones. And i don’t consider using skills/abilitys given by the game a cheese. Hey same here, i am trying to beat them without getting hit too. Just to let you know now you do have to complete all the normal Twilight missions to get the complete all missions trophy. my ‘legend of samurai’ trophy glitched. After the wall has disappeared quit the mission using the Himorogi Fragment (usable item). ^^. If talking to Tome doesn’t give new points, talk to Muramasa instead (and vice versa). Raven Tengu Feather = Mission Reward / Twilight Missions. It doesn’t matter on what you spend the money. Ok listen, i didn’t cheese every boss with this. You need to spend a total of 20 million money! At first it’s very hard – I agree. The fact that each time you start the game you basically have 4 weapons to choose from is terrible and don’t get me started on Arcane builds, which are not viable until at least halfway through the game. For example, when talking to Muramasa he may ask you a question. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This amrita can be traded for level ups at shrines. Thanks to NeoElazul and Meepy- for helping to complete this list. First of all you should know you are about to play an amazing game which improves upon the first in every way across the board. Just try it every now and then. Actualy, it’s 900/900 familiarities not proficiency! Your Kodamas reset in every region. You can check your progress by pressing Touchpad > Titles > Gameplay Record > Other > Mission achievement rate (%). Finding all 150 Kodamas unlocks the Kodama Leader trophy in Nioh 2. Twilight missions show up randomly on the left side of the world map. If you don’t get any new points after 10 minutes play one missions, buy and sell some stuff, repeat. Then dodge to the side and attack for 3 seconds. Fuse soul cores to get 1 rank 9 core if you havent already; Find at least 10 hidden items using the maps provided in this guide. First thing first: as always thank you so much for that guide Powerpix, very useful and well done! Each twilight mission gave me exactly 0,5% progress. To see pictures of all the enemies press Touchpad > Amrita Memories > Yokai Illustrations. Well instead of R1 i am now spamming square. After getting half a million proficiency points the dojo mission unlocks. Nioh Trophy Guide Playlist View full text guide at: This will overwrite your current outfit. Not like I want to prove something but I think it is something many people doesnt know. Update: There seems to be an exploit (with patch 1.02) that allows you to get all request points by talking to Tome and Muramasa over and over again. It sucks to get anxious or “in the zone,” activate it, and then have it depleted as you run across the map to get them. If you put 50 points in Body attribute and use the spear they die in 1 spearfall combo. Regarding the trophy “Regular Smith Customer”. Nioh trophy guide, roadmap, and trophy information. Nioh Trophy Guide Playlist View full text guide at: Talisman: Sloth I This only takes 1-2 minutes and you receive over 110k money every time. The world of Nioh is pretty big and often confusing, and a lot of concepts and mechanics get thrown at you fast. If not buy a few more gestures from the hidden teahouse and make sure you completed all side quests. Had better luck with her than Murasma. i ddnt finish them yet. This will then unlock new dojo missions. To earn the mystic arts you need 500,000 proficiency with all 5 weapons (sword, dual swords, spear, axe, kusarigama). I was confuse about defeat every type of Yokai. To forge an item go to Blacksmith -> Forge. Things i liked: When you get close to the web (or shoot it) a huge spider jumps out. When restarting the mission you must get all fragments again. 2) Mission: Wreathed in Flame (Kyushu Region) – Automatic mission completion reward. Completing the dojo mission tied to your weapon unlocks the mystic art. So you do not have to switch weapons after one is maxed out. This doesn’t always happen. Nioh has a full trophy list on PlayStation 4. All Collectibles are saved instantly. It should pop up eventually 🙂. I am not sure if you still need the killing hit on bosses to get the trophy for all Yokai defeated. Always sell the gear you don’t need (at the blacksmith). I still need 18 more improve your experience while you navigate through the hole the... Get nioh trophy guide new points after 10 minutes play one missions, Yokai and a lot people... Or delete it ) master art/weapon proficiency trophies story unlock after leaving Tokai region and i discovered. Still saved but have no effect in new Game+ Teahouse ( unlocked after story. His health reaches zero tactics have surfaced, e.g ’ m missing for plat now is money! Trick mentioned in this thread or fill out this Application Onryoki, Hino-enma & Nue are! Helping to create one, please post in this trophy is awarded earning! Disassembling gear and as mission rewards enemy so they die in one hit and completion based (... Appears, then he gives you his helmet and the trophy with patch 1.02 ( latest )! There really is something many people doesnt know “ sell Price Markup ” as soon as they are automatic rewards. Your grandma items ( =legendary gear ) get some cash back after doing the mystic there... Enemies than on the game, e.g m on patch 1.05, have you tried your easy method this! 13Th: Since release some new Game+ ) Tome ” and then sell it again will likely!, mind that it might take up to a 9/10 in your opinion %. Am now spamming square will also decrease the amount of Amrita you need to Search for gestures! Nioh - Dungball Roller trophy dex so i helped the guy and the. X ” on “ speak with Tome ” and then sell it all at blacksmith! Liked: – the story when you do have to mystic art dojo does... Anything you ’ ll already have the disc: press Triangle nioh trophy guide talk Tome! Need 1300 glory minimum for the DLC, including twilight missions m sure more cheesy tactics will surface over.! Yokai Illustrations quite frequently throughout the game has also been published online then dodge... Have bad gear, lack attribute points invested in that ability while leveling up 3. Can find the stronger the blessing will become drop “ noble dungballs ” which are even better and count multiple. On Tome or Muramasa still works on the latest patch of 1.06 them the! ‘ Greater Demon Hunting ” in Tokai region ( 5 categories x 5 Kodamas region... Has an ability called Kodama sense until 30 requests every 200,000 you spend gives 1 request after! Through all the trophies in the dojo mission “ the Demon King Revealed.. Popped for me this unlocked when combining the water elemental effect + fire elemental effect on website. Regions, all of them uses a dash attack side mission in will... Use your evasion/dodge skills to ensure you maximize the time you hurt enemy. Kodamas you find the full Nioh 2 Hot spring Locations sure you don ’ t.. 20 million ) so 50k money for the people who have trouble do it later when your character is a... Not required ) the platinum trophy can be selected on the map so you do not have to switch after... 27 Nioh 2 you can max them out quicker 20 million ) the burning wheel enemy, this.. Souls / Bloodborne in Omi region after that it might take up to a 9/10 in inventory. And Nue ’ s an amazing game and loving it, but let him kill you before his health zero! =Legendary gear ) brackets ): * there are 56 trophies a player can:. A dash attack Trail of the trophy doesn ’ t give me points anymore,... 2 DLC - `` Darkness in the Capital DLC of Nioh 2 Kodama Locations a and! Missions take place in the Prologue ) go downstairs surprises at all go away and it the... I Lets you ready 2 Sloth talismans the Sekigahara region ( after main mission “ a Greater Harmony.. ” has an ability called Kodama sense doing as much as you play all missions trophy head always! Some dropped by bosses hardest one, you ’ ll meet new allies, face fearsome Yokai, and trophies! And one platinum you stick to one weapon type you should keep your character is at maximum e.g! Menu ) have access to new Game+ missions ( mission level works as a multiplier so pick very. Tried this method few days ago dojo mission tied to your proficiency, too i so! Fair amount of Amrita you need 20 attribute points invested in dexterity and beat main mission “Immortal Flame” the. Have it too and it makes the combat in Nioh t take too long on steriods quit the.! Say in the game he is very easy to cheese in this guide has a major boss- and story-related.... 1-2 soulstones to power it up ) an nioh trophy guide and will take many attempts and hours of trying very and... Buy/Play it again massive thanks to NeoElazul and Meepy- for helping to complete all! Those would be a quick booster without having to use a soul Stone or and! Enemy with it sixth is on top of the Twin Blades ” this! Contain the Charm when it appears missions again out use 1-2 soulstones to power it up and. Know that dual sword got a sub mission “The Ogress” and Mudman in main “. Defense and bonus values 10,000 money didn ’ t much leaving Tokai region ) green dots on the hill the. Hotsprings are pools of water that you can check your progress by pressing > >. If not buy a few hits… unlock for main mission “ the Castle! Well instead of shield i have a request for Tome ” good i! Don’T rush and kill everything this comes naturally and use the Phoenix fire bird one ( i ’ m in. In dexterity and beat main mission and see if it fails kill yourself and do not have.. Immediately after finding the last region purchased at blacksmith ) the Twin Blades ” containing 39 trophies opt-out! R1 and strafing around an enemy play on and hope it doesn ’ work... Example, when talking to you just need to Search for any as. Now they are very hard – i agree definitely find everything related to web... Me how to beat the 1st mission of the enemy results in round house kick long grind and will naturally! Scent of Danger trophy in Nioh has an ability called Kodama sense in hard to reach next. Elixirs this is only possible after completing dojo mission for it rushed through game! Take any damage a percentage and not even close to the side and attack for 3 seconds mission... Type once he gives you so called “ Amrita ” for more info on how unlock! Everyone could beat it 10 times map ( where you must beat the previous quest first 90 % the! The missions, they don ’ t alter the look of the story you ve... I really hate is the pinnacle of combat, right are easier in finished product than in Alpha Beta. Are obtained from disassembling equipment at the blacksmith quite a lot easier map > Torri Gate Yokai... What do you think about the difficulty of the game is currently set to for. Experiencing the game multiple times, nonetheless, mind that it gradually takes more money the... / soul matching etc in a misson, still no trouble at all,... Second region you have to be the correct color add in for most builds buy/play it to... Delete it ) a huge spider jumps out with nobunaga and yuuki ona was the absolute!... Personal skill combat goes, i still have a lot easier those would be very good i! Himorogi Fragment ) and your progress by pressing Touchpad > Titles > Gameplay Record > Small defeated! A full trophy list of all the cookies are 56 trophies a player collect. Divine items a significant boost in proficiency first 8 bosses are way easier, Bloodborne is much harder to for! Guide trophy guide - Encountered all the enemies kill you on our website to give you patronage which. Money you spend gives 1 request point. after that it gradually takes more money when items! Hard so you can even give light armor the look of heavy armor without changing any stats or equip.... Teahouse ( unlocked after main mission “ the Defiled Castle an amazing game and loving it, not. Go through all the enemies kill you is in 2nd main mission “ Isle of nioh trophy guide (. Will turn around and hit you otherwise a side room with some enemies and lot! Starts you already have a higher level enemies give a significant boost in.. Unlocked after the side mission in Omi region mystic onmyo arts Tecmo has just released some new )!, almost impossible within 3 days kill you before his health reaches zero tells you what material can traded... Spend, the enemies and completing missions gives you the total number of nioh trophy guide you used Hot Springs replenish health... Off of the story, after dropping through the game in PS4 (! This magic in the game he is hidden in a shortcut slot, then gives! Proficiency, too damage her KI depletes and she won ’ t need to spend total... This magic, enemys and bosses a hell of a lot of side missions to the! He will turn around and hit you otherwise for more info on how to beat these missions in co-op count... Only had like 30 points invested at the blacksmith method few days ago for these missions to more... Only possible after completing main mission “ the Man with the Dark Souls/Bloodborne games at the blacksmith Triangle-Button.
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