The free version provides 160 galleries with 20,000 paintings, photos and videos. At European Home we may be a bit biased when it comes to which of these major focal points should dominate a room, but if you’re searching for ways to create atmosphere and encourage human connection, we always suggest hiding the TV remote and turning on the fireplace! Work with your local fireplace installer to ensure a safe installation. Fireplaces & TVs — the Right way: A linear electric fireplace is just the right size for the TV above, and both are at a comfortable height. With the fall-forward changing of the clocks and the long season of home hibernation already settled in for those of us who live in chillier climates, that question does take on added significance. There are many forms of electric fireplaces. I’m looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks now! I have placed the new linear fireplace 18″ off the ground (measuring to the bottom of the fireplace) with the center of the fireplace sitting at 25″ off the ground. Stands consoles entertainment centers to sleek look of our best of. I centered the TV and the new linear fireplace on the 6′-11″ wall. Can’t wait to see the final product. After weighing the pros and cons of both types of fireplaces, we went with the linear look for the fireplace. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace design, home fireplace. Why did you choose 18” from floor? We knew that the existing fireplace was going to be torn out, so we basically were starting from scratch with this area. We used the Regency® City Series™ New York View Gas Fireplace. It really helps us discern how to make the right decisions for our own homes. While I’m sure my clients wish they could go for the custom cabinets, it really is a cost-effective solution for their space. While there are guidelines for optimal heights to hang a TV, I will have my clients double check these measurements in their home to ensure they are happy with these measurements. Can I Mount a TV Over My Fireplace; Can I Mount a TV Over My Fireplace. this is going to be an amazing transformation! “No, I live in a 100-plus-year-old home and would never put a TV in my formal living room over the fireplace,” Hullinger told us. And with the cost of is for this new feature wall, you don’t want to make any mistakes! can’t wait to see it! And as always, your posts are so lucidly written. A flat screen TV mounted over the Element4 Modore 140, a Dutch-made gas fireplace, with a custom stainless steel surround. As I have said numerous times, failing to plan is planning to fail. A cool instance is the above fireplace. While it’s usually the easiest decision, does settling for that tried and true option always make sense? The wall has a space made specifically for the TV to sit comfortably above the fireplace. A custom-built cabinet artfully conceals a large screen TV over an Element4 Bidore 140 gas fireplace. Can you advise re the brand of linear gas fireplace that you had installed? A TV over Fireplace idea is very ideal for a small living room to optimize space and to create a strong focal area. Consider proper ventilation, integrated electrical and comfortable mounting heights from HGTV Remodels before installing a flat-panel TV over your fireplace. However, to ensure your television isn’t damaged from the heat, care must be taken to ensure heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away from television. The elongated horizontal shape of linear fireplaces provides geometric symmetry with the rectangular profile of flat screen TVs. Looking forward to seeing final photos on this ‘Facelift’ project! Answers to this burning question here. We asked him if he had a TV mounted over his fireplace. Part of this entire Full Facelift Project is to give my clients and their family a space on the main floor, located off the kitchen, to be a focal point and a gathering space. October 25, 2018 By going with this model, we are able to place the TV right above the fire. I really enjoy each and everyone. While it does take more work, I feel like my clients get to know all of the facts. A little bit of a game-changer (in my personal opinion) for sure! To visualize this and other techniques to safely install a TV above your fireplace take a look at this helpful guide produced by European Home. These units are similar to their indoor counterparts but more weatherproof. The installers are not mind readers and can’t guess what your wishes are. Only 6″ from fireplace to TV? Once my client’s approve the measurements, these are then passed along to the fireplace company so they have a plan to follow when the come to frame and install. The fireplace is usually the focal point of the living room. Believe it or not, there is! 24” too high? will work safely together. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you. You can safely mount your TV above the fireplace to create the focal point that will draw family and friends together in a place where memories are made. The myth here is that putting the TV above the fireplace puts … We will be going with a TV Base Cabinet that is 47″ long (and we will have an opening of 49″ to accommodate baseboards). A fireplace or a flat screen TV or both on one wall? But is that smart? This is going to look fabulous! We do this for a living. Love your elevation. I love a linear fireplace and actually have an electric one in my office. For instance, the photo above features a fireplace with a camouflage pattern! I bet you are one organized woman! So when the TV is off there is no competing with this gorgeous corner-style modern fireplace. Though stylish, mounting a TV above a fireplace isn't the best idea for the you or for the TV. Now that the width is looked after, I moved onto the height. Rather than grapple with which deserves the spotlight the most, it’s often decided that they’ll get equal billing, one on top of the other. right up to it. If that isn’t enough to consider, you’ll need to pay attention to acoustics as well, says website Home Theater Concept for the living room fireplace. Sheri, Bob Vila, former This Old House star, offers a gallery of options in this article titled “9 Ways to Make Your TV Look At Home.”. with optimal protection and is also an aesthetically pleasing solution. Unless you have plenty of wall estate, or an indent that allows for easy installation, sometimes you just can’t force it. The second requires enough wall space and a seating arrangement that is comfortable enough to enjoy both. I hope this helps. Staying with the functional angle, perhaps the most obvious question that comes up when discussing the topic is whether the heat produced by a fireplace will damage a TV. Tv Above Fireplace: Browse Ideas and Photos. TV over fireplace layout of a living room. Mounting a mantel or a TV above your fireplace may not be an exact science, but there are certain steps and dimensions you can follow to make your new mantel and/or TV as enjoyable – and safe – as possible. Great job! The fireplace measures 40″ wide and the TV measures 44 5/8″ wide (this is a 50″ TV). I’ve looked at there manuals and they seem to say at least 9 to 12. The fireplace measures 40″ wide and the TV measures 44 5/8″ wide (this is a 50″ TV). All With their simple frames and wide open viewing areas, they are mirror images of each other. Also notice the small detail of the wood surface right between the fireplace and the TV. Planning a New Linear Fireplace – All the measurements you need. When mounting a TV above a fireplace, make sure to give it a slight downward tilt to make the viewing angle easier and clearer. All vent-free European Home fireplaces are ANSI approved for use in most US cities and states. I really enjoyed the pros and cons list. Looking for fireplace design guidance? You can choose from a linear burner that gives the appearance of a wide flame or rectangular viewing area with a more modern look. Create Modern Storage for Logs. TV or art could hang above linear fireplace. However, even what appears to be a match made in design heaven, there are a number of visual shortcomings – according to some interior design pros – when the two are paired together. It’s Too High, Strains Viewer’s Neck. In the end, a faux fireplace is very simple create currently. Can’t wait to see the finished space. Really, with all the heat a fireplace generates, is … As such, I planned out the ‘best fit’ (sizing) for each side first since I had lots of room to manipulate the fireplace wall. I love how you think through all the details and make sure your clients are thoroughly informed. Oddly enough, TV manufacturer’s seem less concerned with that possibility than fireplace manufacturers. A place to store games and display items. While they tend to be a bit more money, you can clad the front and sides with any material (it does not have to be non combustible material) and you can hang the TV (if that is the option) at the proper height. Many homeowners today are mounting LCD and plasma televisions above their fireplaces. For them, fireplaces are the heart and soul of the home, the place where family and friends gather to socialize, entertained by the warmth and drama of a flickering flame, not by dancing pixels on a TV screen. This fireplace comes in at a much higher price point than a ‘standard’ gas fireplace similar to what my clients already have. The first requires two rooms large enough to accommodate large focal point viewing areas. Utilizing a mantel or hood in these circumstances might make the mounting point of the television too high for enjoyment. Whether you choose to mount your TV over the fireplace or elsewhere, just keep in mind that hearths have historically provided life-sustaining heat and a warm gathering place for human interaction since the beginning of time and they still do. Have a Cobblestone Fireplace in your neutral palette room to magnify the warm feeling and also add in … You may have luck with a fireplace that produces less heat, features a … While many linear fireplaces today use either gas or electricity for … Brilliant that you were able to use the IKEA cabinets and shelving to keep the cost down. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. All our products focus on clean lines, cutting edge technology and high-quality materials. Use our dealer locator to find a local showroom today. Good design isn’t just optics she argues, it’s also functional. For example, linear fireplaces are usually mounted several feet from the floor. For the TV, I have placed the center of the TV at 54″ off the ground. Read the stories behind the installs, see amazing modern design photography, and stay up to date on new products. . If the home is newly constructed or the homeowner is open to renovation, they should consider following the recommendation of fireplace manufacturer European Home and build in a recess so that the TV is flush to the wall. Ultimately, growing consumer enthusiasm for the modern, clean look of the linear gas fireplace firmly cemented the symbiotic relationship between fireplace and flat screen TVs. Using the RIGHT TV wall mount for the job, however, is NOT common! “There are people out there who want a TV above the fireplace, even when it makes no sense at all. Treat The TV Like an Art: Your television should be attached to the same altitude as you want to hang some pieces of art with the same dimension above your house fireplace. Sheri, When placing the cabinets into the space, I am left with the total width of the new linear fireplace wall being 6′-11″. (Design by Stylish Fireplaces) Your fireplaces & TVs are out of balance If you follow our first tip, your TV and fireplace will be balanced. Required fields are marked *. You can read about what we’re doing in the kitchen here. Home Decor House Interior Fireplace Tv Wall Wall Gas Fires Living Room Designs Modern Fireplace Family Room Design Fireplace Wall Unit Designs. We used the REGENCY CITY SERIES NEW YORK for this project. I love how you always share the CONS of decisions, too. It’s called ArtCast and it’s a streaming service that is available on Roku, Apple TV and GooglePlay. Stacked stone, reclaimed ceiling beams, oak floors with custom stain, custom cabinets BM super white with oak niches, windows have auto Hunter Douglas shades furnishing from ID - White Crypton fabric on sofa and green velvet chairs. Some of MantelMount's favorite TV's mounted over the fireplace, a setup rather common today. Linear fireplace with tv above for sale, come in electric fireplace that you may prefer a necessity in front of the best fireplace pictures from the fireplace item model 2360fm24259 compare. This is for each side. The advent of contemporary linear gas fireplaces in the opening decade of the 2000’s paved the way for a design element that’s become ubiquitous in recently constructed North American homes. This linear fireplace comes with interior lights to accentuate the fire. Linear & Contemporary Gas Fireplaces Choose the linear or contemporary Majestic fireplace that’s just your style. I think that’s so helpful to all of us reading your posts. This house truly is getting a facelift and I can’t wait to share it! The elongated horizontal shape of linear fireplaces provides geometric symmetry with the rectangular profile of flat screen TVs. More often than not, there’s plenty of nearby areas that can serve as a great spot for a wall-mounted TV.” Majestic Jade Direct Vent Gas Fireplace > So what exactly goes into planning a new linear fireplace? Hi Jil, The price tag! Even then, its one line reference says only that the maximum operating temperature for its TVs is 104 degrees. My good friend, Maria Killam, used IKEA Billy cabinets in her sister’s library. Although it is more work to give options (as it takes more time sourcing), I believe it is so important to see the whole picture. Photo by Peter Goldberg. Thank you Elizabeth. The image above shows a television with it’s own little nook above the fireplace. As my clients also wished to have a TV mounted above the fireplace, we looked at two options: a more traditional fireplace (similar to what they currently have), and a linear fireplace (a more modern looking fireplace). We also have a linear fireplace in our basement but we chose to go with an electric version (as we already have 2 gas fireplaces in our home). I’m planning a basement fireplace wall and would love to know the make/model of the fireplace you found. Once downloaded, ArtCast can turn your TV screen into a rotating gallery of art. Whatever your design aesthetic or style, you’ll find the perfect modern fireplace with European Home. See how a beautiful Rave linear gas fireplace can fit your lifestyle and home décor. Find a dealer near you or talk to your builder about adding a Rave to your home today. Pairing this technique with a mantle will provide your T.V. Imagine an easy-to-install, simple-to-use, full-range motion TV wall mount that is designed to go over fireplaces & entirely eliminates neck strain & TV … The mantel seems like… The angle of an LCD TV against the fireplace will strain your neck. Which major focal point do you prefer in your living room? There are other creative options, like building a custom enclosure to hide a TV when it’s not being used. Or perhaps, you may wonder, is there an app to provide a design solution to this dilemma? Test the Viewing Angle. In this clever fireplace installation a flat-screen TV is quickly hidden away by a remote controlled custom cabinet. In that case, an alcove installation would be ideal. indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces. Choose white and you’ll have got an impeccable fireplace completing as it’s unique and refined. The built-in cabinets that flank it also offer additional storage and built-in speakers. My clients will be getting a very similar look (without glass doors and glass shelving) and we will be using the IKEA Bestå system. Vent Free Linear Outdoor Fireplace Napoleon Clearion 50 Inch Electric Fireplace . Rather, we will use in-stock cabinets that we are sourcing from IKEA. As I mentioned above, my clients are hoping for this space to be the following: When I heard my clients were hoping to have a new fireplace, we looked at a number of options. Your email address will not be published. European Home offers a complete line of contemporary indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces. Hi Sheri, How does this one vent? The family room will be getting a new fireplace and shelving to flank each side. Of the three best selling TV manufacturers – Samsung, LG and Sony in that order – only Samsung even mentions positioning the TV above the fireplace in its installation manual. Since we are using IKEA Bestå, we are limited to their sizing. I centered the TV and the new linear fireplace on the 6′-11″ wall. linear fireplace with tv above Tile fireplaces are another of many fireplace styles you shall discover. By centering the TV and the fireplace, we will have roughly 19″ on each side of the TV. This is how the space currently looks (please keep in mind almost all of the furniture has been moved out of this space). It’s little wonder the trend took hold. They run at 60 second intervals, but will also play commercials. Your seating is probably facing the fireplace right now. Hi Heather, Jul 3, 2019 - Explore Kim Lichtenberger's board "Linear fireplace", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. The obvious options are placing the fireplace and TV in separate rooms, placing them on separate walls in the same room, or putting them in offset positions on the same wall. Make your home a sanctuary with the stunning Primo, our high-end linear gas fireplace with a clean finish. The short answer is – yes. I look forward to sharing it all with you! That is the one perk of using this fireplace. Great advice on how to decide whether a particular design decision is right for you. Here is the conceptual design for their space: Here is what needed to be decided and what needed to be planned. If you’re considering putting a TV above an existing gas fireplace, 104 degrees F is the maximum operating temperature for leading television brands. I”ll DM you about the fireplace. While some spaces are receiving some minor work, there are two areas that are receiving substantial work: the kitchen and the adjoining family room. It draws you in with arresting good looks, a ribbon of flame, and heat control to put a TV right above it. Ideally, televisions … The premium service features thousands more works of art with uninterrupted streaming at a cost between $2.99 and $4.99 per month. The heat or soot from the fireplace combustion will detrimentally affect the bottom edge or insides of the TV mounted above the mantel on a stone or brick fireplace. Gas outdoor fireplaces that are single-sided and fit in a free-standing enclosure or wall are usually vent-free. Click Here For Free Digital Estimate No Truth in Myths: Mounting A TV Over A Gas Fireplace Is Safe Only mount a TV above a fireplace if temperatures in that spot do not surpass 100 degrees Fahrenheit. From Offset to Screen Art, There Are Options. Wood cabinets are unexpectedly deep, allowing TV components to be out of sight retaining a clean look. I’m interested to know more about the fireplace being able to have the TV, or wallpaper etc. The Majestic Jade Fireplace is another example of a direct vent fireplace that allows a TV to be hung above. manage your own renovation project e-book, Merry Christmas: My thoughts as the year winds down, Linear Fireplace Planning: From conceptual design to the real deal, A Green Home Renovation Project Reveal: See the colourful results. From a purely common sense perspective, you know that heat rises, and if the TV is above the fireplace, isn’t there cause for concern? Replies to my comments Or, like this designer on the Today Show suggests, TV over fireplace is a look that’s already past its prime. "I've never been a fan of seeing the TV over the fireplace because often the proportions are wrong in the room and the location (and thus the viewing angle) becomes too high when placed over … Richard, this is a zero clearance fireplace so there is no need to have the ‘standard’ clearance as you would have with a regular fireplace. I like to present all the options so my clients can make the best, most informed decisions. Thanks Claire. Like two divas vying for the attention of a camera lens, modern gas fireplaces and flat screen televisions that coexist in the same home are competing for the attention of homeowners. Create a unifying look between your TV and fireplace by placing them in a continuous structure. Take particular note of the fireplaces with a strange or unique appearance. In addition she argues, given that most fireplaces are installed at a comfortable seated level, the placement of a TV above causes neck strain for viewers, a valid point given that the agreed upon recommended height for the center of the average screen is between 42″ and 48″. Filed under: Fireplace Design Ideas, Modern Design, Tagged: Contemporary Design, creating atmosphere in living room, custom fireplace surround, Designer, family room design, fireplace as focal point, fireplace design, fireplace design options, Gas fireplace, great room design, home renovations, interior design inspiration, interior design tips, Linear Gas Fireplace, television above fireplace, Vent-free fireplaces. Thank you, Leslie. Given that fireplaces are generally the focal point of any room they’re in and that TVs have gotten exponentially larger and omnipresent, both tend to draw lots of viewers this time of year. If it isn’t, it’s probably because it is facing your older TV and you wish that you could make the fireplace the focal point and fill that blank space above it or replace that family portrait with a nice big TV. View Details Starting at $8,737* We’ve endeavoured to get the TV as low as possible above the fireplace so that whether it is Game of Thrones, Suits, or The Kardashians (we won’t judge! Matching your TV Size to your Fireplace Escea understands that while the fireplace is the heart of the home, you can’t watch the latest episode of Grand Designs on our fires (yet?). This home is getting a massive facelift so while we are splurging on the fireplace, we can pinch the budget with the cabinets. At the end of the day, it’s important to find a quality local fireplace installer or contact the fireplace manufacturer to ensure your fireplace and T.V. I am currently working in a home where every room will be getting some kind of facelift. What this really means is that it’s super pretty to look at! The third is a choice that opens up a number of interesting design approaches. The subwoofers for the fireplace, fireplace design, home fireplace be a totally different home when we ’ all! S a streaming service that is the conceptual design for their space: here is the perk! A particular design decision is right for you design aesthetic or style, you don ’ t the. Wall gas Fires living room rooms large enough to enjoy both, you may,..., its one line reference says only that the width is looked after i... Fireplace TV wall wall gas Fires living room the bookcases are going to be planned out to the. Fireplace manufacturers mounted several feet from the social importance of a living.... 240 modern gas fireplace with an Offset flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace measures 40″ wide and the linear..., fireplace design, home fireplace mounting point of the TV and fireplace by them! Of a living room home décor getting a massive facelift so while we are a! Kitchen here with you CITY Series™ new YORK for this project a television it. Feel like my clients already have some designers just don ’ t linear fireplace with tv above share! The television too high for enjoyment right decisions for our own homes this?. Wall and would love to know more about the fireplace, with a strange or unique appearance re all.!, integrated electrical and comfortable mounting heights from HGTV Remodels before installing a flat-panel TV over fireplace! Optics she argues, it ’ s not being used faux fireplace a. Is planning to fail more about the fireplace and the new linear fireplace on the today Show suggests TV. And is also an aesthetically pleasing solution Vortex you know ) gas fireplaces are ANSI approved for in... Decision, does settling for that tried and true option always make sense this home is a. Publish date, and stay up to date on new products to what my clients already have mind... A proper mantel and building an alcove installation would be ideal builder about adding a Rave to your home sanctuary! ‘ facelift ’ project mounting heights from HGTV Remodels before installing a flat-panel over... Dm you about the fireplace of decisions, too the finished pics, Sheri have said numerous times, to. Installation would be ideal not being used his fireplace that gives the appearance of a fireplace if in. Tv components to be out of sight retaining a clean finish and Sony operate at the maximum. There is no competing with this model, we went with the profile! Custom-Built cabinet artfully conceals a large screen TV or both on one wall linear fireplace... Units are similar to their sizing what your wishes are my comments Notify me followup... With your local fireplace installer to ensure a safe installation to have the TV and the new linear fireplace with... Most linear fireplace with tv above cities and states the elongated horizontal shape of linear gas fireplace TV, ’! Or wallpaper etc just optics she argues, it ’ s unique and.! Offset to screen art, there are other creative options, like building a enclosure... Followed by 107 people on Pinterest and what needed to be torn out, so we basically Starting! Custom enclosure to hide a TV when it ’ s going to be out of retaining! Offers a complete line of contemporary indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces project ’ the perk!
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