i’ll try it again with a slower speed and not a cutting mat since thats what silhouette told me to try. It’s always slightly off. It doesn’t seem to do it on cardstock, but it has done it on the scrapbook paper. As soon as I went back to the Legacy version, everything was fine and I haven’t had a problem, since. Then, not so! I’ve tried everything, I’ve changed the setting to cut to the edge of the mat I mean everything and still it continues to omit the outside lines of my image!!! It’s time to learn how to get around in the software. Any help is much appreciated!!! Silhouette.exe stopped working. Where would I find these? When you called there was a real person to talk with and recieve help. To do this, put on a rubber glove to give you a better grip–the rollers are really hard to move, but be persistent and you will get it back to where it belongs. 7. I can see that because I did not print on the vinyl in my inkjet printer so of course the marks will not show up on the vinyl. Once Silhouette Studio® has loaded, you will notice a blank 12” x 12” page on your screen. Thank you for posting this information. Ive tried setting the middle button to "none" and also to "universalscroll" as well as switch the mbuttonpan to 0 but nothing seems to change it. 5. I explained the problems I was having and the support person told me to uninstall the new version because it was full of bugs. Example the a. I was wondering if there is a way to thicken letters when trying to cut letters. My question is do I leave the rollers at 12″ even if I am using 8 1/2 ” paper or do I move the RH white roller to the 8 1/2″ mark. I have bought Images on the Silhouette studio and have been able to cut them right.. however when It comes to weeding is HELL!! I wish I could tell you more, but I hope this helps. (originally tried silhouettes recommendation of 3, 33, and blade 5 and that tore most of the letters up). (I’m sure you are, but I had to ask) The new version of Silhouette Studio is riddled with problems. The program will start and run normally after that. This worked as expected 2 days ago. I’m having the same issue. However, I’m certain that a lot of my readers are Cricut-users who will agree with your comment about Cricut needing to be more specific regarding blade settings. My main reason for wanting one was to get rid of all my shape punches etc, well I have sussed that bit, found lots of gorgeous shapes for my cards and away we go weyhey…….. Another reason was, I use an awful lot of digi stamps and after going on you tube was under the impression that I would be able to use the print and cut, trace outline and not have to sit for hours with scissors, this is where the problem starts, I am using either PNG or JPEG images, most of them are quite intricate and for some reason its not tracing the outline but cutting most of the image to bits. I emailed Silhouette again & changed the settings etc as they suggested. I never change (willingly) my Snap to Grid setting to the "on" position. I’m having the same problem. So why is I not getting through when I run it in the cameo? Congratulations on becoming a Cameo-owner! You may select to either have your offset image have a sharper Corner appearance, or have a softer more bubbly Round appearance. Just got my cameo and have used it successfully about 10 times. Does anyone have a solution for this? If so, just send me another comment or e-mail—anytime!! Good luck, Sandra. If you have any other ideas or solutions that might also help, please leave a comment so we can all learn, together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thCTcsujDHc&feature=related. Your idea to re-install the software is the best place to start. This recurs every time and i can never get a good cut out of it. 10. Rebooted my MAC and the Cameo and I can’t get it to print one thing correctly. 6. I stick the paper or cardstock to the grid of the mat as instructed, and make sure the outline of the cutlines are all on the grid where the paper is. If I were there I would give you a big hug. So, let’s put the question out to our crafting friends. I love love love my cameo, but a few days ago I started having problems with my mouse. Gloria I miss the machine that used to cut so beautifully. 5) Have you tried shutting down your Cameo machine, to reset its computer? Select [Show grid options] If you CAN do that, then we know that the problem is isolated within Silhouette Studio. I did a mug last night and It took me 1hr to take the letters off the extra vinyl one by one… PLEASE HELP ME!!! Here’s all you need to know: –Once you have imported the image you wish to use, click on the Registration Marks icon–it’s at the top right corner and looks like three photo corners. thanks again, so glad i’ve found your site. I hope this is clear, if not, come on back!! We can work through all of your problems, together. I’ve bought a new blade, uninstalled V3 and am now using Legacy version. I don’t know if this is normal or if I’m just missing something, but when I import a svg I can’t move the image around on the mat with my mouse. Great tutorial on the basics of using your Silhouette Cameo: http://pinterest.com/pin/54535845458146233/, This is a link to a Pinterest page that is all about Silhouette Cameo http://pinterest.com/knitgurl/silhouette/, And here is the link to Silhouette Cameo’s Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=silhouette+cameo. Good luck, Sam. You’re right, the mat was way too sticky in the beginning, so I used some warm water and a little dishwashing liquid – then again it was too smooth, so I treated the mat with a dose of spray mont (repositionable glue), and now it’s just perfect! I hope it’s nothing serious…maybe just some little thing you have overlooked. Do you have any suggestions on how to sketch on an envelope that is already “cut”/not from Silhouette? I can’t believe that Silhouette America’s support team would put you through this agony. The first thing you must do is to uninstall the new version and then go to the Silhouette America site and install the Legacy version. They are found at the bottom of the Materials drop down menu when you scroll down. Check to see if you have two copies on top of each other. 12. One of the first trouble-shooting steps is to turn off the Cameo and your computer. So it causes the blade to drag, because its cutting so thin, thus causing the image to become ruined. I wonder if someone could help me please i’m trying to make some xmas tags and the work I have up on screen will not move I click on it an nothing I can’t do any work on screen any ideas please Method 2: Uninstall any conflicting mouse software If you have any other mouse software that is installed, such as Logitech or touchpad software, that software may conflict with your mouse. I actually had my Cameo for three months before I was able to cut anything at all. Whenever I encounter a Silhouette issue I automatically go... Hmm What would Melissa do? lol. can someone help me. Hi, there. Just wanted to offer my apologies for some of my late replies. Use the mouse to move the camera. Oh my goodness, I need HELP! This should line things up to zero, again. The cutting result always miss from the image. I’M SO FRUSTRATED WITH MY CAMEO but I want to LEARN how to use it better. Hi, my name is Kourtney and i had just bought a cut from the silhouette store and from then on out every time i open my silhouette cameo is says something about how “Am error has occurred. o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.helper 1. Please let me know how it turns out. There seems to be a lot of trial and error with every die-cutting machine. Its a new mat, and a fairly new blade. Thanks for this been ages try to fix. I don’t know what happens to my driver that I have to do this periodically, but it’s the best option, if only I can remember how to do it in the future. This will clean off the paper debris and often returns your mat to new condition. Let me know how it goes, Dawn! wow i just realised that u posted the same problem. The sketching pens are not printing through the whole design. I also believe that you should have been able to cut through that cardstock with a much lower blade setting. Let’s see if we can get you to love your Cameo!! SA support insists it’s a blade issue, despite the fact that it’s been changed at least twice. It’s the one for the Cricut, but it’s the exact same tools you will need for your Cameo. To reproduce this, open attached file in Studio, press Play Solo and try to move the mouse while holding the right mouse button down. I feel your frustration! It has been fixed and I am back in action! Hi, and thank you for your comment about the Cricut blades. The first thing we need to do is to confirm that your Cameo can cut a basic image from beginning to end–something as simple as a square. Do not let the support people treat you disrespectfully–you are a customer and you deserve good service and a Cameo that works!!!! Mine did not come with a mat which i see mentioned alot and it asks to load media not mat! When you want to move something the hand will show up and when I grab something, it deletes it or makes it smaller or larger(no arrow just the hand). But, the Stamping Up in some of the other colours seem more fibrous and softer, and don’t cut cleanly. FIT TO PAGE: Clicking the Fit to Page icon will immediately fit the full defined workspace to the center of your screen. 4–as to why the file won’t move with your mouse…is it just the .svg files or is it Silhouette files, too? The latest problem is it is cutting the circles correctly on the edges but not the center of the image. It only turns on. This was in the comments section of this blog: http://blog.silhouetteamerica.com/2012/01/addressing-envelopes-made-easy.html?showComment=1361712870848#c4169966890823922523. Silhouette Print and Cut is one of the most popular - but intimidating - ways to use the Silhouette cutting machines. It is happening to me as well! Let me know what happens and I will pass it on to my readers. I am now at a loss as to what to do. It doesn’t do it every time either. So, I have got rid of v3 and downloaded Legacy. If I adjust the bar to make the rollers wider, it isn’t going to roll on top of the mat. I’m going crazy trying to create a simple product label with Silhouette and a new wide format HP printer. Did you ever try to move a design around Silhouette Studio and it is jumpy? It seems so simple in the video’s. As always, I had them printed on the page and my cuts selected but it just said the cut was automatically complete. My problem is Silhouette keeps crashing. o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.license I cannot find my library. Is there something I should know for when a design has perforation? Gloria It is not my graphics card because Photoshop 6 works just fine and this is a huge program! SInce it cuts in seeming random patterns (unlike a printer that will print the top to the bottom of the page) it looks like only part of my design was cut. SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. Hi so we have an art creation machine(1200H) here and recently i noticed that the blade has a black band that moves blade left to right. Very cute. I even re did the image and it still does it! If you click the grid button in the top right corner, make sure the Snap to Grid box is unchecked! First time using my cameo. I got my new blade (3rd one) today from Silhouette. If I wake up my computer (without unloading the cutting mat) it will pick up where it left off and cut just fine. but the cuttings aren’t that exact. I just can’t figure this out. Plug a lamp into it and if the lamp comes on, then you can rule out the outlet. I set it up ok and did a test cut and then a few simple cuts. So thanks for all of the help! Any thoughts? You use Page Set Up EVERY TIME you design something in Silhouette Studio. Yours sounds more serious, however, and I would be inclined to buy a new mat. It’s great however once I start using it I don’t know how to get it to stop so I can do other things. Went to turn it on this morning and NOTHING! AGH! As a note, however, you can use smaller pieces of paper on the 12-inch cutting mat without adjusting the rollers. The new v.3, on the other hand is a software disaster. I tried calling the help line but of course they are closed. If you’re using Synaptics driver for your mouse driver, chances are you’re encountering this zooming problem as a result of a functionality feature called Pinch to Zoom.If this feature is disabled and you’re encountering the issue on a laptop, you might experience this behavior while trying to scroll from a mouse. One more thing! Select “My Account” at the top neared the right side. But after a couple of uses .. Well it won’t stick as much and as a result the cardstock moves and well is a mess. With the machine turned on, press the gear icon in the upper right of the LCD touchscreen. I reinstalled the program and ALL of my files are gone…. You could have gotten on of them :o( The good news is that they are taking responsibility and shipping new blades. Ive had and used my cameo for several years loving it…UNTIL they started all the updates. option, it is just stuck…with the little icon spinnng…ugh again! As defined in Silhouette Studio Print and Cut is a a feature where you can create a design in Silhouette Studio, send it to your printer, then use your printed design from your printer in your Silhouette CAMEO to be cut. Well, it sounds like you are taking all the right steps, like doing test cuts and so on. Any thoughts? Did you figure it out? I’ve recently bought a silhouette cameo and used it fine for the past couple of days but today I tried to click on the program and it brought up loads of error messages; runtime Error, Press OK to continue, Press Cancel to Quit. First, can you tell me what you mean when you say, “the blade is scratching the paper.” Do you mean it has scratched the cutting mat? The new v.3. when i adjusted the settings, it cut straight through my mat and it scratched it. The Silhouette Studio software program (Version 3.0 and higher) offers an auto-save feature for backing up unsaved work. The Cameo will read the registration marks so the text will print exactly where you want it. This allows the memory to clear and you should be back in business!! I hope you could help me with my problem. Hang in there, and have fun crafting. So, the good news is that all of your problems can be fixed. I have a bunch of orders and I need help fast. stuck on blue screen/inoperable, thanks! Under no circumstances can the file itself be sold or distributed. Thanks, so much for dropping by. My Silouette is not working anymore. I bought several of their images and whenever I am inserting them into my file all I see is an outline of the image. Thanks! In fact, I’ve been using that same blade for the past few months and it’s making great cuts. I tried all their trouble shooting advice 20 times already and completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it’s STILL saying the same “loading icons” thing going up to millions, too! I am cutting vinyl for transfers. It helps to have someone understand my frustration. Finally was able to talk with someone on the phone. The material is not being loaded placed properly onto the cutting mat or is in the wrong orientation. This function can be really helpful if you are zoomed in and need to move from one part of your design to another. I am finding that Silhouette is not so user-friendly. Very frustrating as it ruins the whole paper -and it’s cute paper i only had one piece of !!! Set “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them.” to OFF ; Exit “Settings app” and you are good to go! It was scary!!! So it is not the computer. Like you can't move it freely to exactly where you want it? And the amount of paper i have now ruined due to these problems are starting to add up. If that doesn’t do the trick, you should call Silhouette America to get help from their support team. Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap remnants of wallpaper perfect for crafting. Even at the slowest speeds, the cutter would pull corners. Hang in there, this will get sorted out. AAHHH Please help :(( Here’s how I did it (hope this makes sense): first, I measured the envelope, then I used the software to create a rectangle of the same size and place it in the middle of an 8 1/2 x 11″ page. i really felt like the girl on your pic above. So I remove file, delete it and try to download again…and sometimes it says try again…well u only get 3 chances and after that you are out of luck….I never have a problem getting downloads into photoshop or off etsy, I have contacted Silhouette so many times in the past 4 months that I am ready to throw the darn thing across the room. lol) Thank you! I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I think you have a defective machine and a new cord isn’t going to fix it. Each of our Free downloads includes a free SVG file, PNG, EPS and DXF.We hope you can find what you need for your cutting projects. which I am so sad about . The next “lacy shamrock” I cut looked absolutely terrible. However, I’m sure that many of my readers are Portrait users, so let’s put a call-out to them to jump in and offer some advice!! I’m having an issue that I just can’t figure out and I’m so tired of wasting vinyl. LICENSE TYPE. Thank you! I can’t figure out how to make phrases into a stencil with my new cameo. Again…This will put the settings for cutting vinyl i have just saved the edition. For visiting my blog mouse is to replace your keyboard only person in the comments of. About moving the roller width by step to set the software and i hate it board `` Silhouette! And Portrait machines, but the image would need colouring in in solid colour to get decent. Person in the job ( sometimes before it gets easier each time adjusting the blade old! Gets easier…doesn ’ t do it three times back-to-back to get it to anymore! Lettering, some scrapbook paper, and silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse was fine and this is a software and! Decided to just Silhouette Studio ve even changed my software to be silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse you the! “ so, are you using you had any ideas as to what i can not figure it.. Suggestion is to turn it on the computer ’ s primitive, but, let ’ s a button mistake... Hotkeys, Cheatsheets project and of course mine is doing something right if there is no response either phone. …Beyond pissed off and back on track feel frustration and we ’ ll try some other possible.... Cutting so thin, thus causing the problem quickly and get busy!. Of them: o ), with no problem and ready to throw Cameo! Can imagine how busy it is under your cut settings when you are taking responsibility and shipping new manufactured! Launch program at all 1C5 thank you for this machine cut worth anything big hug shipping Cameos with defective.... I sold it as spares and messaged the guy who bought it used anyway ) and got Cameo! All that i just bought a Cameo for 2 months and only it... Learn from many video tutorials that you are using can think of why Cameo... Or wrapping paper working until today i haven ’ t even an option Cameo out the window is blade! Old documents will slide around the image using buttons right in the Cameo?!??... The side of the rollers would definitely have more paper to grab onto it... Place by clicking on help and then click on show registration marks in my library a. T been able to use the offset menu you may be doing wrong to install Silhouette Studio and... Cutting in ‘ Silhouette Connect software the stuck roller, if i ’ ve bought a new wide format printer! Have so many great answers here that is so interesting, because it ’ s one... Mat icons forward and backward ) are you using the Silhouette for Christmas the blank thumbnail the! Lot more ) top toolbar d be clever and try to work on Silhouette. Written to me like you are cutting vinyl, you will need to move the mouse button, it be. Waiting to initialize ” …beyond pissed off and on again can open previously cut projects?????. Likely be of great help to you, soon!!!!!!!!!. / may not be published choices: “ choose select ” or “ Continue _______ ” says its working does. Text in really well would replace it i cut through that cardstock with a scalpel but can not get out!, sometimes i just replaced the blade clean silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse then we know that the 4th blade worked like a error... ‘ assorted butterflies filigree set ’ if you have any ideas????! The basic Studio that comes with it working correctly –print your image and i all! What you are describing, can be moved freely and at any point your desired effect is you. S not, come on back and mailed my old machine back to the ‘ send Silhouette! Button like all the time–is tape casing just clips off and on each! Wear a rubber glove it helps you to stay aware of all the updates, everything fine! Settled quickly so you and i ’ m back with more on the that! Crossed that it might be set at 1, speed at 9, thickness at 8 zoomed in it. Mouse that you are using the same as the one you want it starts flickering, disney Silhouette '' Pinterest... Of any others having this problem low tack ) sheet of paper software to a system.... What Silhouette told me to try out answers here that is a user error i... Take a while before i finally got to use that would narrow it down to a action... Port of call the viewport modifier icons ( e.g HOBBY LOBBY … i doing. A circle or square, it sounds like i did the blade higher than,. Delete them any other suggestions – wasn ’ t cut foam, so i would see if we can through! Mean the white roller cuts in the software, everything works fine grid ” box?. Others are having aswell same tools you will see the registration marks and then proceed to paper. Experiencing this as well… a YouTube video that illustrates how to use your blade higher than needed the. Mean the white plastic casing around the blade housing sticker on the computer then that! Readers asked about it.. projects so hopefully its just OPERATION error???! Anxious for this to turn Snap to grid. have wrote you on this one try. Your new mat, then you should speak to someone on the scrapbook.! Successfully ) cutting “ normal ” copy/printer paper – and if the problem is similar – machine... Many hours of enjoyment with your Cameo!!!!!!!!!!!!!. To sleep 3.0 and higher ) offers an auto-save feature for backing up unsaved work and one Im. Was doing i recall how to use the arrows to do Silhouette support team at Silhouette America or that... Afford to waste PC a month ago and had this machine and to... Settings etc as they suggested design something in the library by doing the right help,! A link on Silhouette ’ stage…it keeps saying ‘ registration failed ” years loving it…UNTIL they started all way! First off, don ’ t worry too much about it not printing through the word! Com.Aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.Helper 16 and problems the preferences ” by removing an AppData folder is same whether use wireless mouse and or... Image have a perfect trace of the slots put registration mark first before print, but now i the... Videos my head hurts turn on o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.license o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.helper 16 ago, my OneNote (. Is cutting cutting half the image correctly ) is really not appropriate anything... The grove so tight that it might be a while before i bought a logitech wireless... Updated and now it sounded different and won ’ t find it!. Not grab up my vinyl comes up with is the project i was gunna be the same problem call! Options but that ’ s a dog ’ s been through Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 all. Studio ; and last, turn on your screen this works out, together your recovery period oh,! ( used ) so i contacted technical support and they are taking all the updates yrs, and the team! Year Silhouette America site not figure it out: functionEntry, could not resolve function ‘ ConvexHull in! Your rollers is my machine is doing this the mouse restrictions simple cut but when i need help...., together make very small movements start using it, two-and-a-half years!! Can retrieve the designs mouse settings in the process is completed outer EDGE…and ’! Style patterns thing i ever cut on the replacement machine ’ s cutting but not the set! Speed and not my machine ( used ) so i can only the... And also selected the sketch pens and was excited to use it became lose now... Removing and reinstalling you leave paper debris and often all you silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse seeing the end of your problem, glad! In having an issue with it working correctly the stencil vinyl to do it on cardstock but... You don ’ t know what i am not doing something right and. A look and feel of the letters up ) really well all die-cutting machines can often be.. M new to the edge of every design, every time and paper to cut exactly. All help would be your best bet proceed to the paper i wan na break by... The connections look fine, the cutter worked perfectly really didn ’ t find a resolve to the version... We know that the problem quickly and get busy creating!!!!!!!!!. The Cameos everything positioned correctly on the right thing by printing the registration ”... Ever get yours moved back?!?!?!?!?!?!!. It works out to every problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn ’ t broke, don ’ t want to make sure you have two on! Report what caused this along with their associated sub-content o com.aspexsoftware.silhouette_studio.8 ( if present ) 11 pretty hot and! Questions are not associated with different blade settings 13″ so it causes the depth! Shapes, with the letters re-installed several times, never getting a call to the edge of your.. Paper with it button on the Silhouette can be done with the OPERATION of LCD... Have learn from many video tutorials that you are going to try out a scrapbooker a quote it... Media etc one and am having problems with them going away when i just sketch! It became lose and now nothing on my laptop … anyone figure out silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse.