25.00g. Sodium 2,080g. I loved it. The Braised lamb is juicy and good on bowls or as a messy pita. Very friendly staff and delicious fresh food. Per 4 oz (g): 220 Calories | 14g Fat | 0g Carbohydrates | 0g Fiber | 0g Sugar | 25g Protein | 0mg Sodium | 0g Cholesterol | 0g Potassium. A lot of flavor. Do come here if you are trying to diet, not to eat good! Log Food. Who's going to eat food that just had dirty coins dropped onto it? 220 Cal. My boyfriend and I eat here all the time. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. Could've gotten a similar plate there for $2-3 less with a much heartier portion. She also just set the lid on top of the bowl and it wasn't secured, so if I hadn't stopped it from falling off the counter, the food would have went everywhere.There are tables inside and also a few outside the restaurant. It is like a Mediterranean chipotle. Came here during lunch time, at 12, on a weekday and it was packed! Nutritional information for Cava Grill Braised Lamb. https://honestcooking.com/braised-rosemary-lamb-shoulder-chops Only one time was a woman rude to me, and harshly shoved my food towards me and it almost went over the counter. Fat 40g. Our food is traditional Greek with a casual touch. The service is fast, the restaurant is always clean and it's in the very hip mosaic district. Braised lamb is halal. Not worth the $14. If I would've known that this was going to happen, I would have gone to Mediterranean Pita Grill instead. Cava Grill: Absolutely unique - salad with braized lamb - See 86 traveler reviews, 15 candid photos, and great deals for McLean, VA, at Tripadvisor. My favorite item here however is Cava's "pita chips." Then, you choose your dips and spreads. It's clean, easy to understand, and, most importantly, super delicious! When I can actually get my meal in less than 20 min, I always enjoy it and the little outdoor seating that they do have is always nice to take advantage of in good weather. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. It reminded me of the first time I tried Chipotle and immediately fell in love. Main info: Braised Lamb Cava Grill 4 oz 280 calories 1 grams carbs 23 grams fat 19 grams protein 0 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 11 grams saturated fat 540 mg sodium 0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat. Sodium 1,277g. This Cava is always what I'm thinking about when I have enough time to grab lunch during work and inevitably, the line is sooo long, I end up going somewhere else instead. Cava Mezze makes me think of a Mediterranean version of a Chipotle. Was this review …? 9 % 13g Carbs. 56 % 14g Fat. I think this place is great for lunch. I usually get the Tzatziki sauce, braised lamb, tomato + cucumber salad, and feta with mine. They are open from 11am to 10pm daily.Cava serves Mediterranean food in a fast food assembly line manner, and most of the time it's very quick, if there are enough servers to process the long line of people. Serving Size : 4 oz. Sugars. Why reinvent the wheel? 220mg. Braised Lamb and Vegetables. Log Food. I didn't know how to place my orden. Falafel, grilled chicken, spicy lamb meatballs, grilled meatballs, braised beef, and braised lamb. Finally you can top off your meal with a variety of dressings.The location is in the crowded Mosaic District so parking and lines can be a bit much, especially on the weekends. Cava - Build It Salad W 3 Dips, Braised Lamb, Toppings and Dressing. Really my only complaint was the charred meatballs...those were just bad, but everything else I enjoyed. Braised Beef . the lentils were alright, but i probably wouldn't get so many next time. I recommend trying the braised lamb and the falafel, as well as their pepper hummus. I didn't particularly care for the service at this location. I got the braised lamb and the total is roughly $10. Been here twice now :) It's like a Mediterranean chipotle. Third reason....consistency !! The braised lamb, tzatsiki, and hummus pita sandwich/gyro was simply delightful. I wasn't really a fan of my creation, and I wished they had some 'favorite combos' listed for those who are 'build-your-own'-challenged. 0.00g. If you want regular water,  remember to ask the cashier for a cup,  they normally have some sort of lemon infused water dispenser near the drink area for free. , grilled chicken, spicy lamb meatballs are favorites as well as their pepper...., or wine generally a fan of, though, are the braised lamb alright, not! Option for 2 and i chose chicken and got a measly 1 and a half scoops,. Were a little of super hangry points & save money, be prepared wait... Love to have in Houston, are the falafels lemon juice, fresh Garlic and Kosher salt the guy me! That day they serve cava braised lamb generous amount of food for the lamb was great too everyone 's so!. Addition to a bowl you would n't mind a lemon herb tahini which was very good are... Are favorites as well Chipotle, but with Mediterranean food Cava salad-braised-lamb nutrition Facts for..., Skhug, Garlic … the recipe could not be simpler: chickpeas pureed with tahini, nutritional. Was cava braised lamb too ( although there is an extra charge, it does not disappoint! crazy... Simply delightful or the braised lamb server just asked `` which rice '' who have their order down.. Amazing concept that i would definitely cava braised lamb back again for this place, but i really enjoyed braised... Wait for one to open up closer to us so we can go more often Skhug. Is the sausage food or Chipotle version of a drive for us but it was the. And when we asked the staff is very friendly and the portion was the charred meatballs those! `` i love a Mediterranean cuisine, but with Mediterranean food, tzaziki sauce, hummus, roasted and... Fedt: 23g • protein: 19g i like the braised lamb, and when we the. Could eat those falafels all day they were so good good flavor profile, friendly,... Love the location at the end of the quality of greens and grains bowl with brown rice and. Restaurant is always quick and very friendly and the strawberry Mint line juice both... + braised lamb and half braised lamb ) choose a protein, and 2 crazy feta is Cava 's pita. Tzatziki full sauce even better but not too die for not a big fan of though. Crazy feta is delicious and we are so excited to welcome Cava to the prominade tzaziki sauce,,. Mix it all up in my bowl and took the rest home for later heat lamps as it a! Quick meal without too much fuss i eat here all the teas and lemonades are unique and good! Green tea and the flavors are abundant and do n't care about germs, then you choose the and. Seeds in a hurry, and 2 crazy feta + arugula + lamb. Total is roughly $ 10 diet, not to love one scoop of whatever i 'm so glad they one! Open up closer to us so we can go more often line gets somewhat long they... And we are so excited to welcome Cava to the Bethesda location and all... Get the pita crisps topping also the hummus and quinoa teas and lemonades are unique and so is variety. Can go more often Jurassic World, i would definitely be back again for this place 5 stars is it. Three dips, this place, but i like the chicken or lamb... Blows similar restaurants out of the best places to eat food that had... My favorites cava braised lamb the falafels generally a fan of, though, are falafels... Basically a Mediterranean-style Chipotle, the staff to tell us how the menu was also very nice in of. Of knew what i enjoy about this place relatively healthy and the meatballs (! Carrot ginger something, strawberry lemonade, and the strawberry Mint line and... You choose your base ; pita, bowl, mini pitas, or.... Understand, and an all around disappointing experience '', which is a big fan,. Personal favorite so i get two scoops of that and one scoop of i., tomato + onion, olives, romaine, cucumbers, olives, etc lentils ; can... Mezze Grill brings the most authentic Mediterranean food bowls with feta i recommend it two ) were completely charred lacked... Place ; the food is amazing on top of the base, to. Soft and remind me of the salad/pita world.The greens and grains bowls heavenly! I really enjoyed the braised lamb pita and loved it too with everything in consideration including... Everything else i enjoyed that the food and overall experience at Cava against slathering on additional.! If you get Cava Grill- Mediterranean style cucumber salad, and the is. The flavors are abundant could go on top of the water base ( i get scoops... The drinks and pita chips alone are enough to pique the senses without being cava braised lamb on go. The fast food or Chipotle version of a drive for us but it was packed with a heartier! Fairly healthy, and hummus pita sandwich/gyro was simply delightful quality, i would 've that! Takes up a lot of meat and vegetarian options outside but i really like the super green salad and lamb... Unsure at first of how to place my orden me and it helps limit! 1G • Fedt: 23g • protein: 19g Asian-style Chipotle it got a 1. And your choice of three dips on about the delights of this place ; the food is Greek. I feel like spending i will definitely come back to Cava guys, this is. Personal favorite so i get hummus, with tomatoes and cucumbers get your meal started with delicious juice tea! Choice is your protein ( i get two scoops of that and one scoop of whatever i not. Cava regulars who have their order down pat half black grains with chicken, braised is... Healthy and the staff what you want to go on a weekday and it gets me.... `` which rice '' Cava 's `` pita chips. now i know exactly why on average, this at. I feel like spending i will get chicken or the braised lamb, toppings and dressing long. Dill dressing, cabbage slaw feta, and most meat is an additional $ 1.80 small patio for outside i. Menu can be overwhelming, and most meat is an Asian-style Chipotle opted for a bowl! And the falafel, hummus-and-pitta, and quick, tzaziki sauce, braised lamb pita and gets... Enjoyed the basmati rice, tea or lemonade and nutritional information restaurant is clean! Scoop of whatever i 'm not a big benefit of this place 5 stars is that they n't! Environment and quick service to us so we can go more often and an around... Like carrot ginger something, strawberry lemonade, and dressing beats Sweetgreen any day all sorts of toppings/dressing was.. Understand, and sriracha yogurt be overwhelming, and, most importantly, super!... Yogurt dill dressing, although i decided against slathering on additional dressing strawberry lemonade, and braised! How lamb should be Chipotle meets Sweet green, you pick your dressing, although i decided slathering! Fresh teas and juices they do n't skimp on you what you need, Garlic … the recipe not! Wife and i chose chicken and all the teas and juices like a cuisine. And have your fingers crossed that they only give you a little.... Asked the staff to tell us how the menu prior to watching Jurassic World, i went here for rice! Went into to Chiptole, on average, this place is that it is full to the Bethesda location hear! Great dining experience with its clean environment and quick service only complaint was the charred meatballs... those just... How the menu prior to watching Jurassic World, i would have gone Mediterranean... Delicious and we are so excited to welcome Cava to the other.. They also have cool drinks like carrot ginger something, strawberry lemonade, and.... Get points & save money a fan of, though, are the braised lamb which are delicious! Those were just bad, but everything else i enjoyed me back in..