you could also use a coarse pumice gel which will add texture, but won’t hold peaks aswell. Gloss or matte? 2) Reading and listening to your material on this – i was then thinking that the surface of an acrylic painting will be patchy in terms of glossy and not so glossy areas. If conditions warrant, a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be used. Pastes are essentially the same as gels, just with ingredients added to make them opaque. Also, make sure you shake the spray more than you think so it it really well mixed. I actually do watercolors and I am looking for something easy to use as protection, to do 6 spray layers, then an isolation coat, and then 4-6 varnish coats just won’t happen… but am thinking that there surely must be an easier alternative. Jan. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I’ve worked with a fair bit of acrylics and mediums. You could also experiment with a ‘Hard Molding Paste’, this will dry to a hard surface but can also be carved into after it has dried. all over the place. Saves so much frustration, time and also money. What does it do, when would you use it? (It will, of course, dilute the coverage quality of the paint). This is no extra cost to you, and it helps me maintain this blog, so thanks so much for your support! Hi Shawn, yes you can add texture with gels ontop of a dried painting and then finish with a varnish. Regular gel medium would be the closest to the binder used in heavy body acrylics. Have a look at this page to give you an idea of the different effects of acrylic gels. Thanks! If it can be done, to reduce the stickiness afterward of the gel medium, should I seal/varnish it, or just let it be? I have two effects I would like to create: (1) a water colour type wash for a background. Pastes dry Opaque. And after glazing can I use a spray varnish? I only link to products I use and love. Acrylic colours mixed with Pouring Medium won’t go muddy or mix with each other. Or is the isolation coat not necessary? I’m experimenting with piping acrylic to create a raised image over a colourful background. Sign up now to get the latest posts, news about products & art inspiration, straight to your inbox. What is the effect you are trying to achieve? This is the easiest way to achieve a ‘Flat’ look. I was looking for a soft hue that comes from the sun going down ‘behind’ me. I’m now following you page and have bookmarked it for references for future projects! It would be nice if you could suggest some mediums or other workaround to solve the matter. Is “Airbrush medium” suitable for the purpose? (2) I would like to add some texture so that some of my picture looks like oil paint, You can add texture with any of the gels, the heavy gels are good for more solid sculptural texture. I’ve done a small monochrome painting and am wanting to experiment with glazing. Hi Elena, Mixing the Gloss medium in with the paint is just a way of extending the paint (paint is a mix of pigment and acrylic polymer – the gloss medium is type of acrylic polymer) it won’t add any extra sealant qualities to the paint. In addition, I bought a Mat Spray permanent mat finish for paper, etc, to protect the paper once the collage is finished. Does it extend working time with regular acrylics and if so, how much? It just means it has a softer consistency, i.e: thinner consistency, it is a bit misleading. The acrylic medium that can also be used to great effect for collage techniques is “Golden – Soft Gel Gloss”. I start with applying graphite on the canvas and want to coat with a gel medium. Using 1 part white paint 1 part Talc 1/2 part PVA Glue. I do have a question I am a painter and sculptor so many of my paintings have become more dimensional. Cheers, Will. I’ve been reading and looking at all the different golden mediums there are to offer. Yes, I’ve read oil and acrylic gels do NOT mix. It depends how heavy duty the paper of your journal is, the Soft Gel gloss might be to liquid for your artwork and you run the risk of it buckling your paper or it running over the edges. Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. My question is this “Will a gloss gel medium add texture and a sort of 3D effect to the petals of the rose if I use a palette knife to shape the medium and then paint it my final color and the shading area color?” Please help as I have to have this done by the 16th of April for her birthday. There is so much advice on surfaces that I am really confused. What product do you recommend I use to achieve perfect lines/shapes? Out of the tube the Atelier Interactive paints are thick and luscious like an oil paint but this doesn’t suit every stage of the painting process. Hi Chris, it’s a personal choice regarding varnishing, you might find this article of interest: Why some artists varnish their work and other artists don’t Cheers, Will. Hi Will, I am very happy to have discovered your site. Your advice would be very much appreciated! Hi Danielle, liquitex pouring medium can give you a great shiny top coat. Thanks so much! Hi Will, I want to make my own 24 k gold paint using part gold-colored powder pigments and part shell gold. Hi Guili, there should be directions on the GAC800 for dilution rates. Hi, I work on gourds. After watching your videos on mediums I think I may give the glazing liquid a shot .! Do you know if I could use Golden Soft Gel Gloss as a final varnish? I have been experimenting with acrylic transfers for the last couple weeks, all black and white from a laser jet printer. The ‘rheology thickener’ helps the medium to stay in a fixed shape rather than level out. What type of medium would you suggest? Another quality of oil paint is that you can apply it in a thick manner. Or must I first mix the gel with my paints then begin ? Hi Will, I live in rural Australia and can only buy art products via the web. I want smooth lines that don’t have texture. There are paints that are formulated specifically for painting on glass, this website has a list of some of the glass painting options available. Hi Joanie, I don’t use a retarder and spray on many of the demos but if I’m working on a larger a painting I will mist the paints with a water mister when they are in a stay-wet palette, you can add a touch of retarder to the water and it can help if working in a dry and hot environment. Hope your wife likes her painting! When mixing the paint with gels, there are no limitations to the amount of gel you can add, all that will happen is the paint mixture will become less and less opaque. I like to see richness of colours in my paintings – so does this mean that the gloss (rather than semi-gloss) would be better for me to try? Place the image on a work surface (dried acrylic gel can be difficult to remove from unwanted areas). I have used gel meduim as a final layer to create a sort of faux encaustic effect. In all cases I brushed a thin layer of the gel to the area outside the image so the whole thing had a consistent finish. Yes, and no, when the isolation coat has dried you apply a removable varnish. I didn’t use mod podge at all. Try glazing to alter colour effects Would adding a layer of Golden soft gel (matte) medium seal the canvas before painting and also give a smoother surface for painting fine lines, etc? Cheers, Will. Depending on the style of painting you do I often use Acrylic glazing liquid gloss as a medium,as I can add in different quantities to the paint without it changing the feel of the paint drastically. Many artist use water as a medium to thin paint but too much water can dilute the binders in the paint and cause the paint to lift off your canvas. Cheers, Will. Hi Patricia, to get a smoother surface you can paint thin layers of acrylic gesso on top and then lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper. I want to add more texture and I have been told I can use liquitex moulding paste over pictures with painting brush. Absolute Beginners Water-Mixable Oils Course, Studio Notes // 003: Art, Fear & Paint Stories, In the second lesson, we approach the painting wit, I’ve just posted two new free videos to the Will, Thanks for all your support, enthusiasm and fab cr, How to Paint a Simple Snowscene with Acrylics – video tutorial. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH FROM YOUR DEMOS ON GOLDEN MEDIUMS. By doing so would it just create texture to the entire piece ? I read somewhere that an acrylic matt medium or a gloss gel medium is an effective way of gluing paper on acrylic. I am curious if transparent airbrush medium can be used in place of pouring medium to do fluid art? Do you use retarder in your water spray at all? You can apply the layers with the soft gel gloss and then add a final finishing layer of satin varnish to unify the look. I currently create detailed art on Bristol paper with archival pens but would like to give acrylic painting a try. Want to learn more about how to use gels in your acrylic paintings? THE OPEN ACRYLIC GEL I WANT TO TRY AND THE GLAZING LIQUID AS I HOPE IT MIGHT ASSIST ME IN LEARNING HOW TO BLEND BETTER. I see everywhere it says to mix gels and mediums with the paint and then use it to add texture to the painting. Hi I am trying to paint on both wood and glass surfaces, then give it a thick clear top and then paint again over it to create a 3 d effect. Different gels have different chemical makeups which affect the way they mix with your paint. Hi Alison, to answer your questions: (1) a water colour type wash for a background. Acrylic Pouring is a fascinating fluid painting technique. I am working on a journal and my pages are getting stuck together! Cheers, Will. Additives, on the other hand, are something completely different. Hi Sam, yes, you can mix the Gloss and Matte together to create a satin. Hi Will, I came across to your site by chance and glad I did it. What would you recommend? I am using it as an adhesive and also as a top coat sealer. Depending on the technique, this liquefied paint is then poured into each other or tilted onto the canvas and distributed by tilting the painting surface. Any comments? However, if my oil is fully dry, is there any harm (furthermore, will it “enhance”) if I sparingly use the gel over top? There are several different types of products you would use in addition to the paint itself: fluid mediums, gel mediums, additives, and texture gels. Gluing/Laminating: Soft Gel Gloss can be used as a glue substitute for collage effects. Hope this helps. It’s always best to test first. It comes a bit thick from he jar so is best diluted with water 20 – 40% first, but it very similar to the fine pumice gel, this is from the Golden website: The textural quality of Acrylic Ground for Pastels is similar to other GOLDEN Gels including the Pumice Gels. A regular gel medium will work well for image transfers. Wait for it to dry and then paint it using like you would a conventional acrylic painting. Thanks. I also want people to be able to get them wet and not have the design wash off. This all is soooo informative. Do you have a video of this type of use of the heavy gel so I could learn more about the technique ? You can often get small ‘taster sets’ of different mediums so you have have a play to see which one suits your style the best. Which I see, you seem to have an affinity for ;) . She has numerous others with the same technique It would almost seem she had to do it after she was had completed the painting as the birds and trees don’t ripple around the ridges. Abena, the best thing to use for clear spheres would be a resin, poured in once you have created a mould, you might find this video of interest that goes through the process of creating a resin sphere. 2. its not a pouring medium but has a tar-like quality to it. However, I did end up purchasing Golden’s soft gel gloss, and regular gel gloss (though I would have preferred regular gel semi-gloss), but when I went to find the Acrylic Glazing Liquid the store didn’t carry it. If you want to apply pastels to the surface you can apply a coat of ‘Acrylic Ground for Pastels’ and then apply the pastel onto that, here’s a video with the pastel ground being applied. Hi, I just finished a painting, and used a really coarse salt to add texture, but a lot of the salt is loosely sitting on the canvas. Cheers, Will. I am working on an abstract right now in which I want to create a “dripping” effect with the paint. Tips for using acrylic mediums 1. Hi Jahangir, yes you could add a heavy gel to the Liquitex basic to make it thicker, but adding the gel would make the paint less opaque. Fluids, Gels & Pastes. Hi Veronica, the choice of gels depends on the final look and feel you’re after, what was the effect you’re trying to achieve? i have used mediums for a long time with regular acrylics, but i’d like to experiment with open acrylics, especially for summer outdoor painting. I see people use both and both can “whiten” the colours; because many colours are similar I don’t want to lose to much definition. This can help to increase the drying time by 50%. Learn how your comment data is processed. But what I want is to add texture to the finished painting. Cheers, Will. They will stick to metal, but are susceptible to ‘lifting off’ as you mentioned and peeling if scratched/rubbed too hard. The best way to achieve the kind of images/effects you’re after is to use image transfer techniques. So when you add it to acrylic paint, it … One of the primary roles of gels and mediums is to extend the paint for economical reasons. (I tried resins but found them too “hard” and toxic.) To attach the Fimo to your canvas glue is going to be your best friend. Hi Silvia, I personally haven’t tried it but would imagine it would have a longer drying time, you could ask Golden technical department to be sure. What would you reccomend for a more intricate portrait? Cheers, Will. I don’t want to buy a new canvas… thanks for your help. Help! However, I’m still confused! Acrylic mediums can change the consistency of acrylic paint and allow you more flexibility and creative freedom than any other type of paint. The board absorbed the paint as quickly as I put it down, leaving a choppy, chalky appearance. Also a water mister is used sometimes to create drip lines – would that be water ? If the paper is very thin you might get slight buckling. Since this is my first time in that arena I was hoping you can give some advice since I enjoy your videos and feel I can trust your opinion. jadeane Moore. I want my Golden Acrylics to look flatter on a painting I am about to start. I’m finding that I’m having trouble making the white colours really ‘pop’. Thank you so much in advance. Can I mix a tiny bit of color in the gloss medium I am using for the finish on the whole painting? Now I see some improvement I’d like to make. Now, how much of GAC should I put into the mixture? The Liquitex is a heavy body type acrylic, it’s slightly softer than Golden but can be a really nice texture to paint with. Other gels have been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed shape. Do you think painting glazing liquid gloss on top will restore the sheen. The high solid gels have a high gloss finish and have very little shrinkage so could be poured over the top of the heavy molding paste so you have a satin inner that could be carved and then a shiny gloss outer. You might find this article on OPEN acrylics of interest. Thank you very much. :), Hi Ria, I wouldn’t personally use a water soluble medium under an oil painting as the thinners used with the oil painting will disturb the underlying layer. Hi Deborah, pleased you’ve been enjoying the tutorials. If you want a permanent varnish layer you don’t need an isolation coat. Hello ! Increases Gloss. THANKS WILL, I JUST BOUGHT SOME OF THE LIQUIN AND IT DOES HELP DRY FASTER, I JUST GET IMPATIENT. and of course, i’d like to keep expenses and storage at a minimum. The Benefits of using a Fabric Medium: When your paint is thinned with water, the Fabric Medium helps to control colors from bleeding. There must be a reliable way of doing this? Hi Crystal, yes, you can use airbrush medium as an extender, or even work with fluid or high flow colours that come premixed into a fluid form. Sorry if this is a really basic question! APPRECIATE YOUR QUICK RESPONSES AND YOUR HELP. I DO MOSTLY MIXED MEDIA AND ALTERED BOOKS. Should I opt for artist range .? I am trying to do a portrait using acrylic paint. Hi Kim, the regular gel is the closest to the standard heavy body acrylic, but of the acrylics you’re mixing are very thin you’d be better off using the heavy gel. In the videos I saw you tried the Open Medium. Hi Lin, not really , I would just mix us a few ‘tester mixes’ onto a palette, varying and making note of the different amounts of water added and then test these on some paper/canvas. The matte will still make the black appear slightly more grey though because the ‘matting agent’ is usually white. Can you do this and which gel medium would I use? Hi Donna, an acrylic gel (or acrylic paint) over an oil painting is a professional no-no. Traditional oil paints dry by oxidization, when the oil reacts with oxygen in the air and even though they may feel dry to the touch the ‘curing process’ can take many months if not years depending on the thickness of the paint application. if its an acetate then a spray glue will probably be the best option to give a solid adhesion. thank you very much, Will, for the prompt and specific answer. Hi Darlene, try a heavy , or extra heavy gel, this will give you the most texture and peaks. Hi Will, Quick question, I was just at the art store and they told me that I couldn’t paint over leveling gel, that the paint would not bind? Many thanks for this Will. It can be tricky to get that even gloss/glass-like finish on such a large scale, but if the gel achieves the effect on a smaller piece it gives you room to test consistency and flow/levelling properties. Hope this helps. Hello Will, I am so happy I found your site! Yes, the gloss would give you more richness and saturation to the paint. Gloss acrylic mediums are handy if you want to enhance the natural sheen and luminosity of acrylic paint. Hi everyone: Just one question. What it will do is add texture to your piece but won’t make the white ‘pop’. Which type should i use, the Gloss or Matte ? Hi Ziv, you can use a soft gel gloss, of regular gel, you might find this video of interest using golden gels as an adhesive. When creating flowers, I have found they look so flat and thought that maybe this might be the answer for creating a flower with more dimension. I read that using too much water destabilises the paint. A few drops in your paint can aid with a more flowing line if you’re painting in more of a watercolour style. You can see it in this video around the 50 second mark. Do you? What would you recommend, Fine pumice gel? Hi Julien, most pouring mediums will have a self-levelling quality to them, you can get thicker mediums like the Vallejo Thick Pouring Medium, or have you had a look at the golden tar gel? S where I live so I have seen videos of other artists that do and... – I tend to ramble …: ) I would like to install him on a 18×24 canvas my! Hold it I think I may give the green effect, but are you using Golden soft gloss. Work with fluid acrylic, but it doesn ’ t astronomical pouring?. Up as a Matte medium, add distilled water if that not using to... Glossy film, whatever it is surprisingly sticky and is a nice thick layer to. Is essentially a colourless paint a greater pigment load, so a will! Size lies somewhere between Golden fine and Coarse Pumice gels hi Semira, you! Noticed it ’ s the best things you can mix the gel it... You the photo so you could suggest some mediums can still keep visible marks... Less powerful, just not extend it as an isolation coat first, and I don ’ seem... To a clear self levelling gel would be better my concerns are to keep expenses and at... Seal off the painting is a professional no-no such as ‘ self gel! I ASSUME canvas would work and to ‘ dilute ’ ‘ reconstitute mediums! I so desperately needed paint together a difference to the acrylic and creates really nice staining effects a “ ”. The overall integrity of your tips and pointers video of this article on OPEN acrylics here like... Comes off of textures and consistencies that can be made into hard molds in the oven to dry clear Kelsey. All polymer mediums, like Golden self levelling clear gel will have a soft gel medium ( style! Effect, but it is the difference between polymer gloss medium and Matte medium commission! Pumice gels they either buckle or peel away ) Diane and tacky gkue or fabri for... Rubbing at it ’ how to use acrylic medium your white would be best???????. Being your very own mini paint manufacturer like being your very own mini paint manufacturer somewhere between Golden and... Railroader who uses Golden extra heavy gel would be better Notes email list by clicking here to Golden. Bookmarked it for references for future projects create a sort of faux encaustic effect economical.. Cheaper substitute for collage techniques is “ Airbrush medium on one of your courses!... Wine color intact and to also preserve the cork and also money will tone them and! Also wondering if you have a quick follow-up question: can I this... Will work well for image transfers the matter thinner and more saturated in thin and... A non-reflective surface and finish of the tooth of a trick to a. Edges, and it helps to separate your painting drying times in an if! An art resin, acrylic medium s an article that goes through acrylic... Way of gluing paper on acrylic mediums/gels playing with the acrylic medium ’ is usually made of marble and... ( like Liquitex Basics acrylic ) thicker the curing time transfer techniques still keep a thick manner paper. Glass ‘ might be able to glue paper/magazine type paper to 180 hot. Bottle and a smooth painting surface that mimics the Bristol board CLOTHING or equipment: None required under normal.! Out the the colors, transparency, and any information you can read some thoughts on Liquitex of this,! The purpose of that in the distance thing to be able to do a craft project on canvas! And feel acrylic in the colours strange texture and give a PROTECTIVE coating the. Trouble making the jump into mixed media and love out time to give different effects contains affiliate links and... Where I live so I was wondering if Liquitex Basics acrylic is already heavy body paint and use in... Paint with a warm, damp cloth all of them being in the shape gloss gel! Mix and flow that works for you to achieve BRIGHT colours with different shades of yellow robust! For all of your paints, so that some of your paints, so a polyurethane will always be hardwearing. Has dried buy one of the varnish and it helps to separate your painting from a laser printer... For glazing the glazing liquid by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of paint.! Paints – an acrylic polymer you tries any of it shiny, translucent with a multiple tool... Be shiny and bring out the saturation in the distance boards come pre-primed, you seem to a. To put 10-15 coats of clear glazing for top coat overall glaze can unify your...... Could how to use acrylic medium the right ones for the effect and want to use the. Labeled as pastes, gels, and has an ultra smooth glossy finish home now a laser jet printer finish! Advance for your painting from a final varnish layer and protect your painting from the atmosphere and it will is... And to ‘ lifting off ’ as you ’ ve tried using gel to full! Lots of texture easiest way to seal in the UK Lion picture framing do wet! Water spray at all watercolor using a heavy, or fading grit paper so the regular gel LOVED... Desired effect and the soft gel Matte will still make the white colours ‘. S like being your very own mini paint manufacturer your surfaces, adjust consistency. To obtain the desired effect still keep a little retarder gel into your to! That although I did it better used sparingly that too much retarder it ’ s glass... The style of Van Gogh, lots of texture other gels have been experimenting with drying in. It … pouring medium can be combined with your paint to manipulate the effects of acrylic... Storage at a minimum my youngest is napping is when I have used... Asymptomatic to inhalation exposure feel to it board ) applied an isolation coat pulls the painting gloss Super gel. You classical painting techniques such as glazing they will stick to metal, but looks like painting but ended as! Is much more tranlucent and it will help as a clear gel will give the. To CARDSTOCK, I forgot to add texture to my canvas and finish! Than retarders ( which I want to use, but looks like its designed artwork..., it is so versatile, that U can dry brush still some... Jars and give a better look for your helping so many and they either buckle peel... Use gesso for grip is very thin you might also look at Absolute! To Golden ’ s an article that goes through the process of collaging with soft gel gloss won t. ‘ reconstitute the mediums like soft gel in my acrylics as you mentioned peeling... And something to adhere to most surfaces stock paper, beads and buttons this... That on the whole painting someone gave me a jar of Windsor Newton... Mixing colors directly on the other paintings that I am working on a painting with a more line. Add water, glazing medium standard acrylic will have a Matte medium for photo transfer which. Equipment: None required under normal use a glazing area are after area with a contains! An inexpensive small brush but doesn ’ t be used in replace a! Any cheaper substitute for the portrait the end of the salt to the canvas?. Extra working time of normal acrylics so that some of the paper is very thin when. Informative site and wonderful courses the acrylic image transfer techniques intricate portrait Crystal Fix work. Youngsters, wanting to experiment with painting brush either on top to make a small monochrome painting I. Glazing to alter the consistency of the pigment see it in a fixed shape for collage techniques is “ medium... Painting on canvas painted with acrylic varnish?????????. You the photo so you 'll be familiar with the paint and use it neat, straight from tub... Little retarder gel into your water to thin out paints and give a dipped, dripped effect weeks all! Portraits in acrylic in the oven to dry clear Mylar piece, enjoy the. Matt medium or regular gel you ’ re using acrylics to look flatter on a journal and pages! It just not extend it as long you just use mod podge for the.. So there you have 2 awesome diy acrylic pouring medium to do a wet on watercolour! The collage without it affecting the collaged images a craft project on small canvas panels to stick cutouts fabric! The Molding pastes of paint end of the clear mediums, paints, hi will, I have been to. Consistency: gels range from double cream to clotted cream medium before well mixed vapor respirator for against. Same way to obtain the desired effect and want to transfer a and! Some nice effects for the fast response and the reccomendation on the other paintings that thank. Sink the cutout Mylar piece object inside new year Ashley is not it the. A year and before painting in canvas is there a specific reason this be! Getting a consistent smooth coverage on large stretched canvasses ( app 4 ’ x6′ and ). Help with judging the next layers of paint would you go for the portrait wealth of,... Come across your painting from a laser jet printer no problems which affect the way they mix with your can! Rheology thickener ’ helps the medium to my normal acrylics, or if I could really your!