It does not matter which one is which. This new unit combines your bike’s separate rectifier and regulator into one modern unit that is perfect for custom café racers! Find a dynamic leak by unplugging suspect electrical accessories one at a time, and don’t forget to check for a stuck brake light switch. The 10-100 rectifier plugs into the harness at the same location as the OE rectifier. Start the engine and from idle, very slowly increase engine rpm. For example I could only find a 35 mm instead of a 40mm and a 45mm instead of the 50mm. Some light surface corrosion. Author Topic: CB750 - Stator cover screws (Read 5019 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. (P/n 35-2331) The original Rotor may have had a LD119 stamp on the bottom of it. Run a jumper wire from the paper clip to the battery's POSITIVE terminal. Honda’s earliest electromagnet charging system as used on the SOHC has an extra part, because it has a two-piece rotor. Free shipping. The 10-100 regulator is connected to the harncss via the 3 single wires with spade terminals (these plug into the wires that originally were going to the tabs on the OE regulator). $28.99. Do not use ATF. You won't need an impact driver but you do need to hold the rotor from turning. The results must be the same for all three wires, and at least 18 volts. Generally, you can check motorcycle alternator stators while they're installed on the bike, using a quality multimeter. Stator wires were hardwired to harness ( no plug ) see pic . If on the other hand your leak was static, perform the key-off amps check again, as in Step Two. The tests will help you to identify or eliminate the stator as the problem in a charging issue. Original paint, gauges, and parts. Hey guys, newbie here just starting to do a few things on my '78 CB750 now that riding weather is here. $10.46. Batteries; Battery Chargers; Smart Battery Testers; Battery Volt Meters; Misc. Free shipping for many products! Uncouple the alternator connector, and remove the three yellow wires from the alternator side of the connector, then re-couple the connector. During this time, the Japanese economy was recovering from World War II. $162.95. Re: CB750 - Stator cover screws « Reply #17 on: September 18, 2013, 06:19:36 am » I am going to start an "oil"-like discussion by saying, do not use the copper antisieze paste. 1979-82 Classic CB750 CB750 DOHC More... Series 3 . Note: The CB650 SOHC model is excepted from this tutorial. 109 102 108 —113 —122 —128 —139 —149 —156 —170 172 188 steering and front suspension. 77. This stator flywheel starter clutch and gear are in good condition and shows normal signs of wear. Improved Honda CB750 DOHC Alternator Rotor. $9.95. Set up the multimeter for the charge amps test. Get the book! Take advantage of our easy ordering system, with replacement parts tailored to your specific machine and sorted by category. Trim 750F. Honda OEM Style Stator - DOHC CB750, CB900, CB1100 OEM #31120-425-852, 31120-461-415 Fits Honda: CB750C - 1980-1982 CB750F - 1979-1982 CB750K - 1979-1982 CB750L - 1979 CB750SC - 1982-1983 CB900C - 1980-1982 CB900F - 1981-1982 CB1000C - 1983 CB1100F - 1983 Part #: CB-71445 . you'll increase your CB750 knowledge before you get to The Honda 750 Buyer's Guide after the Honda 750 Restoration Guide! Purchase the rotor removal tool and save time when unistalling the new rotor. These have been known to get hot then get brittle and the insulation starts to chip leading to a short.) Dynatek Dyna Coils. All components specifically designed and manufactured for Race Machines. Parts. Purchase the rotor removal tool and save time when unistalling the new rotor. 3. Engine ran well without issue . On a digital meter, you want a "–" (negative) sign. Rick's Motorsport Stator Gasket 25-100. 1978 Honda CB750K CB750 CB 750 Stator Stator Alternator Cover Side Case Left L OEM Honda part # 11631-300-040 31102-300-045 (replaces 31102-300-035) Honda Models Fit 14CB750F-K5 1975 750 750 Super Sport CB750F-K6 1976 750 750 Super Sport CB750F-K7 1977 750 750 Super Sport CB750F-K8 1978 750 750 Super Sport CB750K The SOHC/4 Owners Club relies on the support of our members. Desirable parts bike or restoration project. Motorcycles with full-time electronics (radios, alarms, clocks, etc.) I changed the rotor, stator, reg/rectifier, both coil packs, and the battery on my 1980 cb750 and am still having charging issues. The stator needs to be replaced. Hi all I had to remove and replace the gear shifter case as I had to drill most of the bolts out and managed to crack the case I went to look for new stainless bolt but could not find the exact lengths as shown in the honda manual. Pulled the swingarm and such off, left the exhaust studs, got three other people to help. So first, a few basics. #35010-315-017 (Round Plug (6 Hole, 4 wire) type. Step Two: Stator Test The resistance tests in the manual aren't conclusive tests for the SOHC stator. 17 global ratings. Pulling Honda Stator Rotors Without Having To Fight Them It's described as a "Generator taken from a working CB250N" and it comes complete with the pick-up coil. Set your test meter to Ohms X 1 and measure the field coil's resistance. COUPLER/WIRE CONNECTORS (19.5r23.9 1b OIL FILT ELEMEN RAIYER OIL PAN 3.5-4.5 kg-m (25.3—32.5 lbs-ft) TIGHTENING (21 .7-28.9 1b : 55=6.5 (6) Remove the air cleaner. For example I could only find a 35 mm instead of a 40mm and a 45mm instead of the 50mm. The meter will read backward, that is, discharge, when the key is turned on. 71—82 83—92 . C $53.23. $39.95. At some point the breakeven rpm will go down.